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Mathematics and applications

In order to apply to one of the programmes of the master, please select the programme you are interested in under the "Year 1 & 2 Master's programmes" tab.

Learning outcome targets

The Master’s in Mathematics and Applications has a dual purpose:
1) to acquire, understand and master a large number of mathematical tools and methods at a high level without any compartmentalisation by offering a wide range of key courses which form the foundation of the discipline, but also more specialized and research-based courses in order to best prepare students for further study at a doctoral level or for one of the many professions accessible to young mathematicians, whether in the academic world or in the business world.
2) to allow students to find out, from within, about research activity in mathematics by tackling unresolved and current problems. This contact with research takes place throughout the course in various guises: seminars, supervised projects, laboratory or company work placements.

Post-graduate profile

Graduates in this discipline have an excellent mathematical background and real experience in research, both academic and industrial.
The programme naturally leads to doctoral studies (academic or industrial) or to one of the many careers accessible to young mathematicians, either in academia or in the corporate world.

Transfer paths

The M1 is designed to help the students steer their studies in a chosen direction; needless to say, however, all M1s can potentially lead to all M2s. Applications are examined on a case by case basis. Regarding the two customised courses (Jacques Hadamard and MathIA) and the "Higher Education Training" course: when the courses laid out over two years, students can obviously obtain an M1 at the end of the first year and thus leave these study paths. The previous rule then applies in the same way.

Academic partnerships

Institut Polytechnique de Paris


For entry into M1: undergraduate degree in mathematics, or the equivalent.
For entry into M2: M1 in mathematics or equivalent.

Skills required within the Field of Study :
  • Master and use high-level mathematical tools and methods

  • Design and write a rigorous mathematical procedure

  • Understand and mathematically model a problem in order to resolve it.

  • Analyse a research paper with a view to its construct and use

  • Analyse the data and implement digital simulations

  • Clearly explain a theory and mathematical results