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Student entrepreneurship at Université Paris-Saclay

Are you looking to take on new challenges? Make a positive impact on the world? Embark on an entrepreneurial adventure? Université Paris-Saclay and the Paris-Saclay student entrepreneur network, the Pépite PEIPS, offer its students support and tools to assist them in their project, from the initial idea to creating a business!

At Université Paris-Saclay, the Entrepreneurship Department of the Direction de la Formation et de la Réussite (Department for Education and Success) provides a range of resources enabling students to:

  • explore entrepreneurship
  • develop an idea
  • receive support to turn projects into realities
  • learn how to create a business through university degrees focused on entrepreneurship.

These actions are coordinated with the Pépite PEIPS programmes.

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In the Pépite PEIPS

The Pépite PEIPS is designed for students, PhD candidates and recent graduates from the Paris-Saclay region who already have an entrepreneurial desire or project in mind. It provides access to tools, support and additional resources to complement your original study paths. As part of a network with Pépite Ile-de-France and Pépite France, it offers you a wide range of advantages and opportunities at every level to develop your project!

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