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The website was conceived in respect of the accessibility standards (référentiel général d'accessibilité pour les administrations (RGAA) niveau A)

The HTML code conforms to the W3C HTML Specifications ; the CSS code conforms to the CSS3 Specification.

Navigation on the website

This site offers several navigation paths so that everyone can easily navigate through our site and access the information they are looking for.

The logotype situated at the top of the page enables you to return to the home page.


  • Top menu:  you can access to the other websites of the university. You may also find the possibility to switch languages, from french to english or from english to french. 
  • Main menu: you can access to  the headings and main pages of the website.  It is a drop-down menu that can be controlled with the mouse, keyboard and finger for touch screens.
  • Quick access menu: on the right of your screen or from a pictogram on your smartphone, several accesses point to pages we pre-selected.
  • Footer menu: gives access to additional pages and the contact form.

The breadcrumb at the top of each page indicates where you are situated regarding the website hierarchy. 

The website's search engine offers a keyword search with search filters.

Navigation tools

Some softwares

Jaws (Job Access With Speech) is a Windows-based software programme for the visually impaired people, that transforms text displayed on a screen into spoken text or Braille.
NVDA: A free screen review for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Seven.
VoiceOver: Apple has designed VoiceOver, an integrated solution for every Mac.
Orca is a free, open source screen reader for Linux that provides access to the graphical user interface through customizable combinations of speech and/or Braille.
InfoVox Desktop is a voice reading software from the Acapela group.
The Windows magnifying glass: under Windows, by simultaneously pressing the window key and the letter U, a part of the screen is magnified in large proportions.

Display size

On all the pages of the site, you have the possibility of enlarging the size of the characters via the menu of your browser:

With various browsers: Ctrl + mouse wheel
Internet Explorer: go to View >> Text Size and choose.
Mozilla, Firefox and Google Chrome: press Ctrl + to enlarge and Ctrl - to reduce.
Opera: press + or - on the number pad. Or go to View >> Zoom and choose the zoom level.

PDF documents

PDF documents can be download on our website. You may need the Adobe Reader software that can be freely download at

Contact us

If you encounter technical difficulties to consult our site, please contact us at