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International welcome desk

Université Paris-Saclay provides you with a variety of services and documentation to welcome international students and researchers under the best conditions.

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Travel advisories for international students and researchers coming to France

You are an international student or researcher and you are coming to France for a short-term or a long-term stay.
Read carefully the steps you need to take depending on your country of origin in order for you to enter France safely.


Prepare for your arrival in France

With our app, get personalized information and a step-by-step calendar detailing all the necessary steps you must undertake before and upon your arrival in France.


Welcome Desk for international students

The GATE Desk is a multi-service welcome desk for international students, researchers or employees of R&D centers and higher education institutions in the Paris-Saclay area, open until December 16th, 2022.

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International mentoring programme - Buddy Programme

The Buddy Programme is a free mentoring programme for international students who have recently arrived in France for their studies.

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Visa and permits

Before coming to France, make sure that you gather all the necessary information regarding immigration procedures and the documents you should bring with you. 

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Migrant students and researchers at Université Paris-Saclay

Paris-Saclay University is a member of the MEnS (Migrants in Higher Education) network and as such welcomes and supports students, doctoral students and migrant researchers. On this page you will find contacts and procedures for students and researchers in exile in France.

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Practical matters

Telecommunications services

You will need to have a telephone number in France for administrative tasks related to your installation in France (bank account, accommodation, etc.). We strongly recommend you initiate this process

Cost of living

Living in the Paris Region is quite expensive. We suggest you calculate your budget in advance so that you know what to expect when you arrive in France. Below are some useful guidelines to help you e

Culture and life in France

Adjusting to the French culture

Beyond the useful pointers on what to keep in mind when moving abroad, it is helpful to have some knowledge of the new culture, language, forms of communication and customs. The following explanation

Learning French

Want to learn French? Already speak French but wish to improve your skills? Below you will find different resources in order to do so, whether you are still in your country of origin or have already

Culture and leisure

Music, theatre, concerts, museums, art galleries... the e-International Welcome Office shares with you the events and news of Paris and the University Paris-Saclay! You will also find reference


Undergraduates, graduates, doctoral students and international researchers, contact the staff of your institution.