Internationalisation, languages and cultures

Where to study languages and cultures

Université Paris-Saclay encourages specialists of any discipline to study one or more of the 14 foreign languages taught on the various campuses.

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International Engagement

International Engagement is a process set up to accompany the Internationalisation-at-Home effort through seminars, workshops and resources.

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From awareness of the difference between multicultural and intercultural to issues of transcultural and cross-cultural, intercultural competence refers more specifically to the nature of our international interactions.

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Students gain access to an array of modules and resources to improve their language level in a context that promotes interculturality amongst peers.

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Coordination Langues et Internationalisation des Formations
Languages and Internationalisation of the Curriculum Coordination
Vera Mihailovich-Dickman
Internationalisation et Interculturalité
Internationalisation-at-Home and Interculturality
International Engagement Programme

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