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Catering services

The CROUS offers two options when it comes to lunch:

  • University restaurants
  • Cafeterias

To find out more, head to the Versailles CROUS website.

Your student card allows you to top up your Izly account and pay for CROUS services such as restaurants or cafeterias.

Options on offer

Takeaway meals

To tackle the health crisis, university restaurants have introduced takeaway options. You will find the list of CROUS locations offering takeaway meals on the Versailles CROUS website.

1-euro meals

Following a rise in student poverty during the COVID-19 health crisis, the price for university restaurant meals has been reduced to €1 since September 2020 for scholarship students and since 1 January 2021 for all students identified as précarious by the CROUS.

The end of disposable bags and cutlery

Cutlery and bags will no longer be given out for free in cafeterias and restaurants so don't forget to bring your own! If you do forget, you will be able to buy them on site.

Vegetarian meals

An alternative vegetarian option is available everyday in university restaurants. Social student meals on Mondays are also vegetarian as part of the Green Monday initiative.

Open catering services

Paris-Saclay's catering services

Les cèdres
  • Les Cèdres restaurant

  • Le Tropical cafeteria
  • Lieu de Vie restaurant
  • Lieu de Vie cafeteria
  • IUT d'Orsay's cafeteria
  •  A. Escoffier restaurant
  •  A. Escoffier cafeteria
  • Eiffel Building CentraleSupélec restaurant
  • Eiffel Building CentraleSupélec cafeteria
  • Breguet Building CentraleSupélec restaurant
  • Breguet Building CentraleSupélec cafeteria
  • L’Amphi cafeteria

Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines's catering services

Restaurant Vauban

  • Descartes cafeteria
  • École d’Architecture's brasserie

  • Vauban restaurant

  • La Palette brasserie

  • Les Aviateurs restaurant

  • Les Aviateurs cafeteria

  • IUT Ville d’Avray's Restaurant

  • IUT Ville d’Avray's cafeteria

  • IUT de Saint-Cloud's cafeteria

  • IUT de Mantes-la-Jolie restaurant

Hauts-de-Bievres's catering services

Restaurant La Coulée Verte
  • La Coulée verte restaurant
  • La Coulée verte brasserie
  • Jean Monnet cafeteria
  • An’K cafeteria
  • Lakanal cafeteria
  • Le Potard restaurant
  • Le Potard cafeteria

Évry's catering services

Restaurant Mons Romero

  • Le Sablier restaurant
  • Institut de Biologie cafeteria
  • Les Sciences cafeteria
  • Monseigneur Romero restaurant 
  • Monseigneur Romero cafeteria
  • La Poste cafeteria
  • Le Pelvoux cafeteria
  • Le Boomerang restaurant
  • Le Boomerang caferteria

More details

  • 2 metres distance between students
  • wearing a mask is mandatory everywhere except during mealtime
  • one person per table
  • contact-free payment is strongly encouraged (via student card, Izly QR code or credit card)
  • cutlery and bags are not provided
  • the number of people at any given time is limited

University restaurants give you the possibility to eat a balanced meal at a reasonable price. You can choose 3 extras alongside your main dish, such as a starter, cheese, a dairy product or fruit. The queue can be long during peak hours (12am to 1pm). You should have at least 1 free hour to eat in university restaurants.

If you are in a hurry, you can always go to the cafeteria. Alongside sandwiches, you will find croque monsieurs, salads, croissants, yoghurts, fruit and more. Cafeterias are open throughout the day.

University restaurants are run by the CROUS. During the 2022/2023 academic year, the price of a standard meal is €3.30. As of 2020, university restaurants offer scholarship students and all students identified as précarious by the CROUS a €1 meal following the public health crisis.

To find out more: visit the Financial help section on the Université Paris-Saclay website.

Cafeterias on the other hand can be run by the CROUS or third-party companies, which explains the difference in price between them. In general, prices on campus are lower than those outside. For instance, on average a coffee costs €0.70.

Restaurants accept contact-free payment (student card which can be topped-up from your IZLY account, IZLY QR code, credit card) as well as cash.

Having problems with your Izly account? Read the Izly FAQ.

If you still can't solve the issue, you can contact the Practical Student Issues and Social Action Office at the DVEEC using the following email address:

If you have any questions, you can contact the Practical Student Issues and Social Action Office at the DVEEC using the following email address: