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Educational initiatives and innovation

Pedagogical Innovation at Paris-Saclay University

Innovate, transform, share, adapt. Pedagogical innovation constantly challenges today’s practices while driving individual and collective transformation.

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Supporting the Training Transformation

Paris-Saclay University encourages and supports the emergence of innovative educational projects and contributes to the professionalization and training of faculty members in the pedagogical field.

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Publishing Scientific Knowledge

The teaching community of the research-focused Paris-Saclay University regularly publishes original pedagogical resources of high scientific value under open education.

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Building Innovative Environments

Digital platforms, interactive classrooms, simulation labs, and new learning spaces are being deployed at Paris-Saclay University’s facilities.   

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Hosting Practice Networks

●    During academic meetups and networking events (e.g. pedagogical initiative days, Red Wire days, etc.)
●    Online via the PERSAY blog

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Contributing to the Research upon Pedagogical Innovation

Multiple initiatives contribute to the creation and improvement of the thoughtware sustaining pedagogical innovation. Based on the action-research principle, these initiatives generate new ideas, promising results, as well as new search paths.

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