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Supporting the Training Transformation

Academic Training

The Academic Training and Development Division of the Department of Pedagogical Innovation develops trainings for the faculty members of the Paris-Saclay University.
To effectively support and meet their needs, as well as diversify pedagogical practices, this catalog offers a variety of training modules, which can be classified as 3 main themes: the digital tools, the student interactions, and the conception and implementation of training materials.
Sessions going from a one hour discovery workshop to a comprehensive curriculum of three days are facilitated by both external speakers and the University’s teachers involved in the institution’s pedagogical effort.
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In order to support pedagogical innovations contributing to the transformation of training courses in phase with an enhancement of student achievement and success, two incentives are made available to teachers.
The Paris-Saclay University is implementing a Pedagogical Innovation Leave of Absence (Congé pour Innovation Pédagogique (CIP)), going from 3 to 6 months following a personal request, and from 4 to 6 months following a request from a team of 2 to 5 members. It is intended for components, institutions-components, or UMA (UEVE, UVSQ).
The Pedagogical Project Leave of Absence (Congé pour Projet Pédagogique (CPP)) is targeted to tenured professors or equivalent. It is an individual project with a length going from 6 to 23 months. The CPP is accessible to tenured professors or professors assimilated to Paris-Saclay University and the two UMAs.
These incentives are targeted to professors desiring to provide a strong pedagogical orientation to their profession in order to carry out a large-scale development of innovations and transformations of pedagogical practices within their practice.

Request for Proposals for Pedagogical Innovation

Paris-Saclay University wishes to promote, via IDEX fundings, initiatives and pedagogical innovations aimed at furthering achievements of students of partner institutions, educating professors about innovative educational tools and methods, and broadening the frameworks for thinking about learning and skill development in general.

To this end, in 2022, an overall budget of 700 k€ is being allocated to the 3 simultaneous request for proposals which aim to support projects from initial idea to transformation, i.e.:

- The request for proposal « Oser » enhances initiatives and innovative learning experiences.
- The request for proposal « Transformer » supports the spinning off or sharing on a larger scale learning experiences and innovations.
- The request for proposal « TP innovants » aids with the creation or development of experimental or practical situation activities.

Similarly, the gamification of teaching can be an interesting lever thanks to its unconventional learning and immersive aspects.
Thus, as part of the 2022 request of proposals, an overall budget of 100 k€ has been allocated to the request for proposal « Serious Games », which aims to support experimentations around the technological gamification of educational practices.

Learn more about the 2022 Request for Proposals for Pedagogical Innovation.


APC and portfolio (workshops, tutorials, guides)

The University is supporting the deployment of the competency-based approach within its training programs. The main goal is to bring trainers into a reflective posture regarding this approach and to take a significant step towards restructuring training in accordance with it.

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