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Masters' applications and enrolment

Université Paris-Saclay offers a varied range of courses in the fields of science and engineering, life sciences and health, humanities and social sciences. Whatever the field you are considering for your studies, Université Paris-Saclay has many opportunities to offer.

Please note that admission to Université Paris-Saclay Master's programmes is selective as places are limited.

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Université Paris-Saclay offers students high-quality courses which provide them with employment opportunities. They allow students to enhance their knowledge in numerous scientific and economic sectors, in academic laboratories, in the socio-economic world and specific professional sectors (teaching, law, healthcare professions and services, etc.).

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Applying for a Master's degree

For international students, applying for a Master’s degree depends on your situation. To register for one of our courses or for more information on the procedures, please go to this page.

Applying for a Master's degree

Accepting the admission confirmation on the designated platform.

An educational statement (admission certificate or authorisation to enrol) is always issued on condition that all of the administrative formalities are completed and the regulatory requirements met. These will be checked by the Registrar’s Office at the time of administrative registration, and in particular the qualifications required for course entry.

You must accept the admission confirmation on the designated platform.


For international students, applying for a Master’s degree depends on your situation. To register for one of our courses or for more information on the procedures, please go to this page.



Applications must be submitted on the INCEPTION platform.


Note: Candidates who are currently enrolled in an M1 at Université Paris-Saclay must fill in and include the following document in their online application:


RPL is a way of obtaining an official recognition of your skills and of gaining access to a qualification to facilitate your professional development. RPL helps you to obtain a diploma, a professional title or a professional qualification certificate.

For more information on the procedures, please go to this page

You are a student in exile and you wish to study at Paris-Saclay University.

For more information on the procedures, please go to this page.

Application advice and information

What are the opening and closing dates for applications?

  • The opening and closing dates for applications depend on the chosen course.
  • These dates can be seen on the course web pages, under the heading ‘Application Procedures’.
  • You can also consult them directly on the application platform when it is accessible.
  • It is not possible to submit an application outside of these dates.

How can I ensure that my Master’s Year 1 (M1) application is successful?

To ensure that your application is as successful as possible, we advise you to:

  • Make at least 5 applications in the first year of the Master's
  • Apply for at least two different Master’s tracks
  • Apply to at least two higher education institutions.

We encourage you to find out more about the procedure for referral cases with the Rector of the academic region.

I have encountered a problem with my application.

Your application was submitted on the INCEPTION platform:

These resources are available to help you:

Your application was submitted on the Platforme MonMaster: please go to this page

My application has been accepted, what should I do?

If your application is successful, do not forget to confirm your choice on the designated platform. You can then carry out the next steps and complete your registration.

Registration procedure

Every student enrolled in a full-time programme in a higher education institution must obtain, prior to registration, a proof of payment for the Student and Campus Life Contribution (CVEC), either by payment or by proving that they are exempt.

To obtain your certificate:

  • Log in or create an account on the website
  • Pay your CVEC or prove exemption

You will need to send us your CVEC certificate when you register. If you are exempt, you must follow the same process.

For further information, please go to the CVEC website:

The registration process will depend on your institution. After validation of your application, you will receive an email explaining the procedure to follow. 

Please go to this page for further details.

Your supporting documents must be submitted to validate your registration. The documents should be sent to the corresponding department.

Please go to this page for further details.

After completing the administrative registration, you must complete your academic registration. This involves registering for the courses you will take during the year and, if necessary, making choices in terms of the options on offer. Academic registration is essential in order to take your exams.

You can move on to the academic registration process with the administrative office of your programme or with the Registrar's Office (depending on your institution) to be assigned to a group of tutorials (TD) and practical work (TP).

To find out about timetables, course starting dates, timetable changes or course locations, your main contact throughout the year is your Registrar’s Office.

More information

Tuition fees

Find more information about the cost of living in France and the tuition fees at Université Paris-Saclay here.

Information for international students

International Welcome Desk

Université Paris-Saclay supports international students, PhD students and researchers as soon as they arrive in France to ensure their stay take place under the best conditions. The International

Visa and permits

Before coming to France, make sure that you gather all the necessary information regarding immigration procedures and the documents you should bring with you.

Learning French

Want to learn French? Already speak French but wish to improve your skills? Below you will find different resources in order to do so, whether you are still in your country of origin or have already