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Application Masters - Questions frequently asked

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Make sure the email address you provided in the application form is correct, and check in your mail box the spam and trash folder. Change your web browser for Internet explorer or Chrome and start an application with the same email address.

If you find your activation email in your Spam, please make sure that it appears in your inbox. This way our future exchanges will not be lost.


Check that your informations are correct, checking that you did not add space at the end. If needed, you can copy and paste your username and password. If it doesn’t work, please change your web browser for Internet explorer or Chrome.

My application

Please apply directly online. No paper application will be studied.

No paper application will be studied.

You will have an answer by email within two months after the date of the jury (announced in the pdf of each Master on the University website).

As long as the application is not validated, it is not transmitted and you can still edit it. Once a file is validated it is no longer possible to edit it.

Your application is being processed; you cannot edit it anymore. If necessary, the jury will contact you to add documents to your file.

If you resign from a validated application, you will not be able to apply for the same training later.

As you can apply for 7 different applications, you can open 7 tabs at a time. However, each application must be submitted separately.

People who studied in France received an INE number during their education. If you have studied abroad, just stick “yes” when asked if it’s your first application.

The EU are the Education Units, which are the list of the courses you've attended during your education. The curriculum (EU) is the description of the EU followed during your schooling.

There is no time limit to validate your applications, you validate when you are sure you want to follow up, but it does not block your admission.

Validate your application before the end of the application period.




Il n’y a pas de délai pour valider vos candidatures, vous validez lorsque vous êtes sûr de vouloir y donner suite, mais cela ne bloque pas votre admission.

Validez votre candidature avant la fin de la période de candidature.




You will receive an email when your referrers have both submitted their opinion and that your application will be complete. You can then validate your application online to submit it to the jury.

Please note that your referrers do not have a deadline to submit their recommendation. You must therefore ensure that they answer rather quickly, so that you have enough time to validate your application before the closing date of applications for the training you are applying for.

You will be able to send them a reminder using your personal space.



Connect to the application app. In the section "my validated applications", click on "confirm my application". Select YES on the Programme you would like to confirm. Click on "Save".

Supporting documents

When you are on the page “personal information”, click on "new application" and complete each step.


The documents provided must be in pdf format and must be less than 3 MB.


Change your web browser for Internet explorer or Chrome. Be careful, the documents must be in PDF format and cannot exceed 3 Mo.

You can send your letter to the "Chairman of the training board (name of the training)"

You must make a single pdf file containing all of your transcripts. Make sure your PDF is not protected, this will block the download.

Referents and recommendations

These are the coordinates of professors (1 or 2 in general, this information is specified in the description sheet of each master) that can be contacted by the jury during the admission process to support your application.

You will have to provide the contact details of the 2 referrers who will have to recommend you (surname, first name and email address) when it will be asked during the constitution of your application file online. The referrers will have to submit directly their opinion online by following the procedure that will be described in the email received.

You will be able to change of referral only once, if the latter is unavailable or does not anwser enough quickly.

You will not be able to see the recommendations filed by your referrers. You will only be able to follow the progress of their anwser, in your personal space.

You have the possibility to relaunch your referent from your Inception personal space, in the 'recommendation' tab. Just click on 'remind my referees'. This operation can only be performed once.

You have the possibility to modify once only the email address of your referee. To do this, edit it directly from your Inception personal space, in the 'recommendations' tab.

Scholarship and Exemption

Only students contacted by the Master’s admission jury can fill in an application form for a scholarship. No unsolicited application will be accepted. In order to apply, you must fill in the form via the procedure described at the top of this page.

For information on scholarships, click here.

In keeping with the resolution voted by its executive board, dated April 17, 2019, Université Paris-Saclay is intent on developing a proactive policy to attract national, EU and non-EU students. As such, for the 2020-2021 academic year, successful candidates affected by the decree and order relating to tuition fees in higher education institutions falling within the jurisdiction of the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, will need to pay the same tuition fees as that of national students without having to make any explicit appeal to this end. Partial exemption will be enforced throughout the duration of their studies at Université Paris-Saclay, except in the case of repetition, where a commission will adjudicate on maintaining such exemption.


You can find the list on our website.

In this case, if you have never taken a test to justify your level in French, you can attach a note explaining your situation to the jury of the master.

You must contact the referral institution of your training. You will find the contacts of those responsible for your training in the master pages of the website.

The level of proficiency depends on the programme of study and can be found in the description of each Master’s programme on the website (under Study, Master’s programmes). Supporting documentation may be required without specific mention of the exam required. In this case, provide the supporting documentation that you have.


On our website, tab "Study", "Master's programmes", then in each master page.

Université Paris-Saclay is the accredited institution for the awarding of the diploma, but the administrative registration institution will sign your training agreement. No internship agreement will been signed at Université Paris-Saclay.

Please contact the administrative department of your Institution's enrolment.

Did you already check if the application for this master was opened? Please check on the master's page.

In the home page of the application app, clic on "my account" (top right of the page). You can modify your e-mail address and password.
Please note that you will not be able to delete your account if you already have applied to a Master's Programme.

The VAPP (Validation des Acquis Professionnels et Personnels - accreditation of personal and professional experience) enables you to apply for a training programme without the required degrees, based on your experience. For more information, click here

If you have a question regarding your application on the INCEPTION platform of Université Paris-Saclay and you have not found an answer after reading the information above, you can contact

We receive many requests, so there may be a delay during the application period. Thank you for your understanding.

Please not that if you apply on another platform, you should contact the support team of that platform.