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Graduate School Mathematics

The Paris-Saclay graduate school of mathematics brings together 350 tenured mathematicians who are recognized internationally, as evidenced by the 10 Fields medals and 3 Abel prizes and numerous other prizes awarded to them. Paris-Saclay University's mathematicians also receive significant support from the European Union (20 ERC grants).

International rankings indicate that Paris-Saclay University is one of the very best destinations in the world for a mathematical education. Its PhD program enables around 80 young mathematicians each year to start successful careers both in academic and industry research teams. Paris-Saclay provides pre-doctoral training to more than 500 graduates each year, in the world's largest master's program in mathematics. Promising international students are welcome, and may be entitled to financial support from the Fondation Mathématique Jacques Hadamard or from Paris-Saclay University.

A message from Sylvie Retailleau, president of Université Paris-Saclay, on the occasion of the publication of ARWU's 2021 ranking in Mathematics.

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A short welcome video about the graduate school of mathematics.

News: Opening of the MathInGreaterParis fellowship programme. Up to 13 postdoctoral fellowships offered in Paris region. Deadline December 1st.