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Pharmaceutical Science

In order to apply to one of the programmes of the master, please select the programme you are interested in under the "Year 1 & 2 Master's programmes" tab.

Learning outcome targets

The main objective of this course is to educate students from various backgrounds (pharmacy, medicine, scientists, veterinarians, engineering schools) in the development of health products by enabling them to acquire recent core knowledge in a specialised field.
It provides progression across all phases of the life cycle of health products through research and career paths that may or may not involve work-study programs.
Research pathways act as a gateway to industrial Research and Development (R&D) jobs, but also to the careers of teacher-researchers, EPST researchers and hospital practitioners. The main career paths lead to jobs in the health industries.
It should be noted that some courses are offered jointly with other establishments outside Paris-Saclay and that there is an International M1 and M2 course.

Transfer paths

Due to the existence of a single M1 for all M2 courses, gateways exist by the choice of the optional teaching units of M1 and M2.

Academic partnerships

Sorbonne Paris Nord
Université Paris Est Créteil (UPEC)
Ecole des Sciences du Cancer à Gustave Roussy
Université de Paris

Skills required within the Field of Study :
  • Communicate in an oral and/or written manner in French or English

  • Carry out a critical analysis of scientific and professional issues

  • Have knowledge of and apply scientific principles and tools related to the life cycle of health products

  • Combine theoretical knowledge and environmental particularities to draw up operational proposals

  • Manage, facilitate and advocate cross-disciplinary projects

Liste M1 et M2

Master 2