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Business Law

In order to apply to one of the programmes of the master, please select the programme you are interested in under the "Year 1 & 2 Master's programmes" tab.

Learning outcome targets

Thanks to its extremely varied selection of specialist courses, the Corporate Law course at Paris Saclay can provide comprehensive and consistent training in corporate law without any duplication. It aims to teach the knowledge and skills required to enable its graduates to join all sectors of the industry (both public and private) where an up-to-date proficiency in corporate law is required. Primarily, this involves corporate and tax law firms, legal services and management of companies (from SMEs to multinational groups). Some courses are deliberately general. Others focus more specifically on highly specialist legal, accounting or management roles in sectors such as the legal (or arbitration) sector, notaries, regulatory authorities and financial and insurance professions, etc. The choice is given between initial or work-linked training, in French or bilingual (French/English), or even abroad (M1/LLM) in work placements which are chosen by the students themselves. The courses on offer are complementary and have a great reputation in their field.
The Master's degree in Corporate Law is delivered across the three sites in such a way that it enables students to specialise progressively between S1 and S4 with a view to integrating rapidly into the business world. The course is divided into two stages: the first year (M1) covers the basics of corporate law and allows students, through the choice of subjects offered, to sit for the entrance exam to the ‘Ecole de Formation des Avocats’ as soon as they have obtained their Master’s in Law (CRFPA). S3 and S4 lead on to specialisation with a view to entering working life.
The Master's degree in Corporate Law focuses strongly on the professional development of its students through several educational tools. For example, expertise in fluent English and business English is ensured by 60 hours and more of English courses or law courses in English. A professional project course from M1 onwards with ECTS allocation strongly supports the personal focus of students throughout the two years.

Transfer paths

The S1 common core syllabus allows students to refine their choice over the first year of studies.
The prerequisites consist of the common core offered in the discipline's S1, namely:
- Special corporate law
- Business taxation
- Distribution, consumption, credit
- Private international law 1
- Comparative or English business law
Students can modify their options over the first few weeks of S2, tailoring them according to the direction they wish to take, in due course, for an M2.

Academic partnerships

Haute Ecole des Avocats Conseils
Paris II

Skills required within the Field of Study :
  • Specialise in corporate law

  • Understand the objectives and environment of the business

  • Place the business in its international context

  • Promote ethics and compliance within the business

  • Support the development of the company

  • Act and communicate in a professional context