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Graduate School of Education: About us

The Board Committee and a Management team manage the GS Education:

Management team

  • Director: Gilles Uhlrich, Lecturer to the Faculty of Sports Sciences at the Université Paris-Saclay (lab. CIAMS, UPSaclay)
  • Training Deputy:  Catherine Berrier, Senior Lecturer of Biology to the Faculty of Sciences (UPSaclay) 
  • Research Deputy:  Maryse Bresson, Lecturer of Sociology (PRINTEMPS, UVSQ)
  • International Relations Manager: Laure Plançon-Arnould, Lecturer of Biology to the Faculty of Sciences (UPSaclay) 
  • Administrative Manager: Laure Siery 
  • Projects Manager: Antonia Cordignano


It represents the diversity of the GS as well as the research themes and disciplines with elected members (representatives)

Postgraduate students' representatives and substitutes:


  • Senior Lecturer: Susan Baddeley, Vincent Jeudy, Alain Michel, Armel Nayt and Natalia Zugravu
  • Lecturer: Yann Beudaert, Dominique Charrier, Florent Le Bot, Sophie Michel, Laure Plançon-Arnould and Laëtitia Trotouin
  • Support: Jean-Michel Bocherel, Jean-Valéry Donge and Laure Siery
  • GS EFE Aggregation Manager: Cédric Perrin
  • UPSaclay Training of Teachers Manager: Yann Imine
  • Evry University Training of Teachers Manager: Stéphane Bach
  • Versailles University Training of Teachers Manager: Jean-Charles Geslot
  • GS EFE Research Laboratories Manager: Magali Gallezot

Master degrees Representatives:

  • Concentration 1: Emmanuel Villaret
  • Concentration 2: Anne Broise
  • Interuniversity diploma: Yves Calvez


Coordinating Representative:

  • UPSaclay Sports Sciences Department: Julie Etcheverry

Other operators:

  • UPSaclay Sciences Department: Pierre Pansu
  • Evry University: Gilles Lacombe
  • UVSQ: Jean-Charles Geslot

Pedagogical Innovation Department Representative:

  • UPSaclay Pedagogical Innovation Department (DIP): Eric Briantais 

Bachelor representative:

  • UPSaclay Training, Educational Innovation and Student Life: Isabelle Demachy

External members elected:

  • Graduate School Research and Higher Education (GS MRES): David Neron
  • High school representative: Catherine Semeria
  • Cergy University: Lucile Cadet

Permanent guest:

  • CNRS: Cécile Bouton
  • Orsay Faculty of Sports Sciences Lifelong Learning Manager: Thomas Deroche
  • Graduate School Sport Movement Human Factors (GS SFMH): Christine Le Scanff
  • INSPé de l'Académie de Versailles: Eric de Saint-Léger
  • UR EST: Isabelle Bournaud

Check the minutes of the Board Committee (Fr)

Managerial team

Campus Managers

  • Stephane Bach, Evry campus
  • Jean-Charles Geslot, Guyancourt campus
  • Yann Imine, Orsay campus

Concentration 1 Representatives

  • Sophie Michel, Université Paris-Saclay
  • Emmanuel Villaret, UVSQ

Concentration 2 Representatives

  • Lucie Audier, Mathematics at the Evry University
  • Yann Beudaert, Physical and Sports Education at the UPSaclay
  • Nadia Bouloufa, Physics and Chemistry at the UPSaclay
  • Maryse Bresson, Economics and Social Sciences at the UVSQ 
  • Vincent Chalumeau, History-Geography at the UVSQ
  • Magali Gallezot, Life and Earth Sciences at the UPSaclay
  • Florent Le Bot, History-Geography at the Evry University
  • Pierre Pansu, Mathematics at the Université Paris-Saclay
  • Armel Nayt, English at the UVSQ
  • Laetitia Trotouin, Physical and Sports Education at the Evry University

Training Engineering Respresentative

  • Yves Calvez


  • William Barriere, Concentration Physical and Sports Education at the UPSaclay
  • Pierre Bernardin, External aggregation of Physical Activity Education at the UPSaclay
  • Bruno Borreil, Internal aggregation of Physical Activity Education at the UPSaclay
  • Sophie Boudjenane, Bachelor degree at the UVSQ
  • Lionel Brault, Physical and Sports Education Teacher at the UPSaclay
  • Antonia Cordignano, Projects Manager of the GS EFE
  • Hélène Courvoisier, Scientific Mediation and Education Officer at the UPSaclay
  • Isabelle Demachy, Vice-President of Education, Educational Innovation and Student Life at the UPSaclay
  • Sylvie Larbi, Academic Trainer at the UPSaclay
  • Laurent Niederman, Internal aggregation of Mathematics at the UPSaclay
  • Guislaine Refrégier, Head of the University School of the UPSaclay
  • Pierre-Etienne Rouet,  Internal agreggation of Physics and Chemistry at the UPSaclay
  • Laure Siery, Administrative Manager of the GS EFE
  • Damien Thomine,  Internal aggregation of Mathematics at the UPSaclay

Check the minutes of the Training Boards (Fr)

Managerial Team

  • Gilles Uhlrich, Director
  • Maryse Bresson, Research Deputy
  • Catherine Berrier, Training Deputy
  • Laure Plançon-Arnould, Head of International Relations
  • Laure Siery, Administrative Manager
  • Antonia Cordignano, Projects Manager


Research Laboratories



Check the minutes of the Research Committee

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The Graduate School Education (Graduate school Education Formation Enseignement - GS EFE) develops training programs for students, teachers, and staff. The GS EFE works to ensure the initial and

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