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GS Education: International Relations

The GS Education (GS EFE) helps you to develop your international projects in:

  • Teacher training: Concentrations 1 and 2
  • Research activities in Education Science

Laure Plançon-Arnould, the International Relations Manager provides a dedicated support to set-up and finance projects of the GS members.

The GS Calls for training & research projects

The GS Education supports Project Leaders in the organization of summer schools.

So far, two Master of Teaching degree students have benefited from the financial support Lecturers received from the GS:


  1. Drapeau finlandais
    Summer school of the students in the English language instruction
    led by Armel Nayt, cofunded by the International Relations Department of the UVSQ, and the IECI - aimed at the travel arrangements of 10 students to the Turku University (Finland) to compare didactical practices
  2. Teaching PE international comparison forum in English language
    led by Sébastien Kayser - aimed at 47 students in PE instruction and Bachelor presenting their research activities  - for the communication tools, and the catering of the event
  3. Organisation du Workshop EUGLOH Otherness & Teaching
    led by Laure Plançon-Arnould, and cofunded by the International Relations Department of the Université Paris-Saclay - aimed at 30 Master degree students from the Université Paris-Saclay for the exchange of good practice with pairs from the EUGLOH universities partners, and the catering of the event


  • Drapeau finlandais
    Summer school in Turku (Finland)

led by Paule Lévy, and aimed at  11 M1 students in the English language instruction program from the UVSQ took part of a student exchange to enjoy a pedagogical experience and total cultural immersion in the University of TurkuRead more

  • Drapeau italien
    Summer school in Florence (Italy)

led by Luca Agostino, and aimed at 5 M1 students in Mathematics instruction from Evry University to take part in a challenge in Florence - Europass application criteria -

GS EFE SFRI Eligibility criteria



    Drapeau belge

    Summer school in Brussels (Belgium)

    led by Armel Nayt, and aimed at 11 M1 students in the English language instruction program from UVSQ to assist in the development of FlowChase application, which corrects the English spoken by speakers for whom  French is their first language – Read more -

  • Oar training in English
    led by Jean-Luc Sage, and aimed at 20 M2 students in Physical Education instruction from Evry University completed oar training in English. The goal was to experiment with linguistic immersion, and to develop their language skills through a cultural activity.




  • drapeau espagnol
    Summer school in Barcelona (Spain)




12 M1 students in Mathematics from Evry University as well as Lucie Audier, Project Leader and Training Manager, participated in the spring school "Deep learning space for 21st century" to work on the ergonomics of the classroom – Read the Girls report and the Boys report (in French) - 

APIP Eligibility criteria and application 




  • Drapeau états-unien d'Amérique
    Reserch network development in education sciences, and organisation of the One-Day Conference
    "Educators in the United States: History, Resistance and Circulations"

    holded by Esther Cyna (CHCSC, UVSQ), and Nora Naafa  (TELEMMe, AMU), cofunded by the research laboratory CHCSC - to organise the conference - Know further - 



Kfé EFE (12 March, 24), Atencio M
  • International partnership on Gender inequality in nautical PE 

holded by Anne Schmitt (CIAMS, Université Paris-Saclay), and cofunded by the research laboratory CIAMS, and the California East Bay State University - for the catering of the conference Water sports and gender in PE: The case of sailing and surfing  - Know further -




Drapeau états-unien d'Amérique

Multidisciplinary Study Day, Education in the USA: Critical Approaches and New Research Fields

Organized by Esther Cyna, M1 in English Research Lecturer, to host guest speakers for lectures at the CHCSC laboratory (Center for the study of Cultural History in Contemporary Society, Centre d’Histoire Culturelle des Sociétés Contemporaines) at UVSQ – More details –


APR EFE : Eligibility criteria

Projects supported by the GS Education

With the implementation of the new program of the Master of Teaching (Concentration 1), M2 students had the opportunity to carry out their three-week internship in a European country. Laure Plancon-Arnould initiated and led this project with the International Relations Department of the Université Paris-Saclay.

Let’s go! The outgoing mobility of Concentration 1

32 students from the Versailles Academy's Superior Education and Teaching National Institute (Institut National du Professorat et de l'éducation, INSPé) applied, including six from the Guyancourt campus and nine from Orsay. The International Relations Department of the Versailles Academy identified 69 work placements in Europe within the association of French schools abroad (réseau AEFE), as well as within the Alliance française in the Aost Valley, its historical partner. 

Each university provided the financial support to the students through the Erasmus+ Hybride, the European mobility program. All the applicants were selected: four went to Madrid (Spain), six to the Aost Valley (Italy), three to Porto (Portugal), one to Prague (Tcheck Republic), and one to Rauma (Finland)!

Let’s hope this international experience will allow them to observe and learn from different professional practices, as well as show them the importance of interculturality in Europe to foster European values!

Know further

Laure Plançon-Arnould, International Relations Manager of the GS Education


Endeavouring to attract the best talents in France and abroad, Université Paris-Saclay strongly commits to offering its students a mobility experience in the course of their studies and has thus

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