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Settling in France

When you arrive in France, you will receive support from the staff members and partners of Université Paris-Saclay, in order to carry out the necessary administrative procedures.

  • Register to benefit from social security (national health coverage)
  • Purchase a transportation card
  • Open a bank account
  • Get a phone plan and Internet access

Concernant le logement, vous pouvez consulter la page dédiée.

Make an appointment at the GATE from August 28th to December 22nd 2023

To meet with the organisations in charge of the various administrative procedures, you can book an appointment at the GATE, a welcome desk for international scientifics, students, staff members of higher education institutions or R&D centres in the Paris-Saclay region.

The GATE will be open between August 28th and December 22nd 2023 and will be located at the university library on Orsay campus (building 407, rue du Doyen Georges Poitou, 91400 Orsay).

For more information and to make an appointment:

The International Welcome Desk of Université Paris-Saclay has a partnership with banks and health insurances in order to facilitate the administrative procedures of international students and PhD students. If you open a bank account or take out an insurance with one of our partners, you will be put in contact with a specific officer, speaking both French and English, and be able to subscribe during welcome events.

For more information, please read the articles below.

Health coverage and insurances

Settling in a new country raises a lot of questions. What should you do in case of illness? How can you obtain health coverage services in France? Read more to learn everything you need to know about

Bank account

Even if it is not mandatory, you will most likely have to open a French bank account. Salaries and reimbursments of health expenses can only be paid on a French bank account.