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Telecommunications services

You will need to have a telephone number in France for administrative tasks related to your installation in France (bank account, accommodation, etc.).

For better guidance in this process, download and consult

French telephone numbers consist of 10 digits. The first two digits of fixed telephone lines are 01 for Paris, 02 for North West, 03 for North East, 04 for South East and 05 for South West. 

France’s telephone area codes:

Mobile numbers start with 06 and 07.

If you want to call internationally from France, you have to dial 00 and the corresponding country code. For example, if you want to call the United-Kingdom, you must dial 00 and its country code, 44, followed by the telephone number omitting the initial 0.

France’s country code is +33. If you want to call France from another country, you have to dial 00 33, then the French number without its leading zero. For example, if you want to call a mobile number starting with 06, you must dial 00 33 followed by 6 and by the 8 digits of the mobile number like this: 00336XXXXXXXX

Many French telecommunications operators provide multiple package offers including landline, wireless, television and Internet services. Compare their offers and choose the one that suits you best.

Choosing the right telecommunications operator

Telecommunications operators offer various packages at different rates. To get more information on their offers, visit their stores or their websites before registering.

There are several French main telephone companies and Internet service providers, namely:

The average rate is between €20 and €50 per month. Setting up an ADSL or optical fibre connection in your accommodation can take an average of 8 to 21 day.

Setting up a fixed telephone line

The account activation process can take between 48 hours and 8 days. If the previous occupant of your new home had a telephone line, it is advisable to find out the contact details (name and number) as the installation of an active phone line may not be necessary. Telecommunications operators charge around €50 for line activation.

Setting up a mobile phone line

When deciding on a phone plan in France, you can either choose a postpaid phone plan (forfait) or a prepaid plan (prépayé) which is more expensive in the long run but less restrictive when you arrive. Postpaid plans generally offer better rates and a wider range of services and options, and especially for students. 

  • The duration of your contract

Choose the plan that best suits the duration of your stay in France. Plans without a contract let people decide to end a plan whenever they want. It is the best option for people staying in France for a relatively short period of time. Plans with a contract commit you to the same provider for a period of time between 12 and 24 months. The contract offers a phone with a cheaper price than in a shop.  


  • Cost

Standard offers generally range from €15 to €40 per month for the most comprehensive ones. Most suppliers can provide alternative low-cost offers (from €3 to €12 per month) which are often sufficient for your needs.

  • Roaming charges within the EU

Calls, SMS and MMS are not overtaxed within the European Union. This also applies to internet data up to a certain limit which is defined by your original operator. 

At the end of your stay

Remember to cancel your different subscriptions (internet, mobile phone, accommodation, bank account, transportation, etc.). Just one click on a website will be enough for some of these. For others, a letter must be written and sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, possibly with supporting documentation (e.g. proof that you are moving abroad). Make sure you get the right information in advance to avoid additional costs.