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Interdisciplinary programmes

The aim of interdisciplinary programmes is to carry out collaborative research, training, and innovation between different Graduate Schools, encouraging collaboration on transversal themes. 

These programmes use the Graduate Schools and the Institute, by bringing together research units and existing courses.


  1. Bring together, lead and structure teams, whose scientific excellence is internationally recognised around clearly identified scientific and societal issues 
  2. Stimulate collaboration between different Graduate School teams and support interdisciplinarity 
  3. Develop cutting edge scientific, technical, or societal technology
  4. Introduce and develop programmes for new occupations
  5. Contribute to the emergence of new companies, new markets, and new activity.

More than 80 research teams contribute at the highest international level – be they based in academic laboratories or industrial centres on the campus – in all strategic areas of quantum technology. 

Quantum Paris-Saclay

Other programmes are in the process of being validated