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Living Machines @ Work interdisciplinary object

A multidisciplinary task force dedicated to research and training

  • 125 teams and platforms affiliated to 8 Graduate Schools
  • 610 permanent staff
  • > 190 professors (maîtres de conférences and professeurs)
  • > 400 full-time researchers (CNRS, INRAE, CEA, INSERM)

Three interdisciplinary scientific challenges

  • Structure, function and evolution of the biological machinery
  • Its intergration in cellular networks
  • Its applications in biotechnologies


  • Biology
    Christophe Le Clainche (I2BC) – director
    Mireille Bétermier (I2BC) – deputy director
    Daan Noordermeer (I2BC)
  • BioInformatics
    Alain Denise (LISN)
  • Physics
    Martin Lenz (LPTMS)
    Andrew Thompson (SOLEIL)
  • Chemistry
    Ally Aukauloo (ICMMO)
    Carine van Heijenoort (ICSN)

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