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The internationalisation of the doctorate

Université Paris-Saclay promotes the internationalisation of education and research, and encourages the internationalisation of its doctoral schools through a range of programmes open to all doctoral students who wish to do so. To this end, University Paris-Saclay has set up internationalisation programmes, supported by funding programmes.

Doctoral students or future doctoral students may be required to

3follow their doctorate under an international co-supervision, a co-supervision with a "European doctorate" label or an international cotutelle of doctorate with the University's support to prepare their arrival in France.

Internationalisation programmes

The framework and individual cotutelle agreements

In order to develop the international dimension of doctoral schools and scientific cooperation between French and foreign research teams, and to encourage the mobility of doctoral students, Université Paris-Saclay, which is accredited to award doctorates, may enter into an agreement with one or more foreign higher education establishments, which enjoy the same prerogatives in their country, to establish an international cotutelle of doctorates.

The "European Doctorate" label

The "European Doctorate" or "Doctor Europaeus" is a label awarded by University Paris-Saclay, which applies to the national doctoral diploma, already recognised internationally under the LMD system, and which enables the European dimension of the doctoral project to be recognised.

The international co-supervision

Within the framework of international co-supervision, the responsibility for the scientific supervision of the doctoral project of the doctoral student is shared . The proposal to share the scientific supervision of the doctoral project is subject to the decision of the President of Université Paris-Saclay, on the proposal of the director of the doctoral school.