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Recognition of the European dimension of a doctorate

The “European Doctorate”, or “Doctor Europaeus” is a label awarded by Université Paris-Saclay and applies to the national doctorate diploma, already internationally recognised under the European Undergraduate-Graduate-Post-Graduate framework, and which enables recognition of the European dimension of the PhD project.

It is open to PhD students from European Community member countries, and extended to other states of the European Free Trade Association (Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein).

All European Community institutions authorised to deliver a doctorate can also deliver the “European Label” upon completion of the oral thesis presentation, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The doctorate must, in part, have been prepared during a research internship period of at least three months in another European country.
  2. Oral thesis presentation authorisation is granted on the basis of reports submitted by at least three professors comprising at least two from higher education institutions from two European countries other than the country in which the oral thesis presentation is to be held. The host laboratory representative cannot submit this report.
  3. At least one member of the jury should belong to a European higher education institution from a different country to that in which the oral thesis presentation is held.
  4. Part of the oral thesis presentation should be conducted in an official language of the European Community which is not the language of the country in which the presentation is held.

This initiative differs from the co-supervision initiative, with which it may be combined.

This label does not appear on the Université Paris-Saclay doctorate diploma, but is a significant internationally recognized asset to a PhD programme.

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