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Pursue a PhD - Graduate School Engineering

The doctoral program has

Striving to build a better future for the world, the Graduate School Engineering and Systems Sciences strives to find a balance between the ecological and economic development of our societies while spearheading internationally-recognized research.

Cross-functional projects that accelerate progress
The unique structure of our research teams facilitates useful collaborations around common themes. These high-level scientific research programs disseminate knowledge on an impressive scale through the support and supervision of the Graduate School. The research programs engage with subjects involved with engineering and systems sciences (LaSISPS), artificial intelligence (Dataia Institute), digital transformation (IRT SystemX), and the energy transition (VEDECOM).

Structured support for development
Innovation and the valorization of research in all dimensions (fundamental research, partnerships, maturation, entrepreneurship) are essential parts of the Graduate School dynamic. To these ends, the Graduate School relies on the various structures of the Université Paris-Saclay to coordinate the missions of the different stakeholders in our ecosystem (for example, FabLabs is used for design and prototyping, technology transfer assistance, and student entrepreneurship support).

Proposal of thesis topics

  • To consult the thesis proposals published by the Doctoral Schools of the Graduate School of Engineering and Systems Sciences (EOBE, INTERFACES, SMEMAG, STIC) please follow this link.
  • The CEA's Military Applications Directorate has already funded thesis offers (brochure to be downloaded below).
    CAUTION: a preliminary security investigation is necessary to work in the CEA/DAM laboratories. This can take up to 3 months from the time the application documents are sent to the relevant government departments. For students wishing to start their thesis at the beginning of October 2023 and who will not be doing their end-of-course internship in a CEA/DAM laboratory, they must express their interest in a thesis by the 2nd quarter of 2023 at the latest (application on the CEA employment portal or by sending an e-mail to the persons indicated in the offers).

Thesis defense

To consult the thesis defense notices of the PhD students of the Graduate School Engineering and Systems Sciences, please follow this link. 

The 4 Doctoral Schools of the Graduate School scope

Mechanical and energy sciences, materials, and geoscience
SMEMAG Doctoral School

The research teams in the SMEMaG Doctoral School work together on diverse subjects, which include modeling, numerical simulation, experimentation, design, and optimization of systems. The research teams deal with these subjects in industrial, environmental, and societal contexts; many challenges are treated with fundamental and practical methods.

Registration, thesis subject, career, international: everything you need to know about the SMEMAG Doctoral School.

Electrical, Optical, Biophysics and Engineering
EOBE Doctoral School

The EOBE Doctoral School is structured around a main objective: to develop a doctoral training at the best level, based on a continuum between fundamental research and applications in the fields of "Electrical, Optical, Bio: PHYSICS-AND-ENGINEERING," in connection with the teaching and research structures of the Université Paris-Saclay and the socio-economic world. The Université Paris-Saclay is one of the largest concentrations of Masters and Engineers courses in the country. A very rich environment of academic laboratories (CNRS, universities, schools, CEA) and industrial companies (THALES, DANONE, EDF, HORIBA) also develop fundamental and applied research activities directly related to the ED EOBE themes (LGEP, SATIE, L2S).

Registration, thesis subject, career, international: everything you need to know about the EOBE Doctoral School.

Materials, Systems, Uses
INTERFACES Doctoral School

The Doctoral School INTERFACES (ED 573) gathers research teams working at the crossing between several scientific disciplines: physics, chemistry, biology, and applied mathematics or computer sciences.
Three axes structure its organization:

  • Innovative materials and applications
  • Complex systems engineering
  • Life sciences

Registration, thesis subject, career, international: everything you need to know about the INTERFACES Doctoral School.

Information and communication science and technology: Systems and Control, Robotics, Signals, Images, Communications
STIC Doctoral School

The STIC Doctoral School covers a unique thematic continuum in France in digital technology and science: control, signal processing, image processing, robotics, networks, telecommunications, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, human-machine interactions, programming, algorithmics, languages, and architecture. The Doctoral School STIC is attached to two Graduate Schools of the Université Paris-Saclay: the Graduate School Computer Science and the Graduate School Engineering and Systems Sciences.

Registration, thesis subject, career, international: everything you need to know about the STIC Doctoral School.


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