Together with its 19 member institutions, Université Paris-Saclay has over 400 agreements of all types with universities and higher education institutions from all over the world fostering scientific and academic collaboration.

You will find below two maps listing our partnerships. The first lists agreements signed by Université Paris-Saclay since 2016.

The second map below lists higher education and research agreements signed by UPSaclay members.

There are 4 different types of agreements:

  • Master’s Double Degree Agreements enabling Master’s students to spend a period of time abroad within the framework of their studies and to graduate with two distinct degrees from each partner university.
  • PhD Double Degree Agreements enabling doctoral students to spend a period of time abroad within the framework of their research and to develop scientific cooperation between research teams both in France and abroad.
  • International Associated Laboratories or LIA – Laboratoires Internationaux Associés: within these virtual labs, human and material resources are pooled to carry out a common research project between two research teams or laboratories (one in France and the other abroad) who have already worked together on joint publications.
  • GDRI – Groupement de recherche international or International Research Network: a network of labs enabling French and overseas teams to work together within the framework of a flexible partnership on a given scientific theme.

View the International Partnerships of our member institutions in a full screen map