Together with its 14 member institutions, Université Paris-Saclay has over 400 agreements of all types with universities and higher education institutions from around the world fostering scientific and academic collaboration. At the level of Université Paris-Saclay, over 70 agreements have been signed.

You will find below two maps listing our partnerships. The first lists agreements signed by Université Paris-Saclay since 2016. You can filter the map by type of agreement.

The map below lists higher education and research agreements signed by UPSaclay members.

There are 2 different types of agreements:

  • International Associated Laboratories or LIA – Laboratoires Internationaux Associés: within these virtual labs, human and material resources are pooled to carry out a common research project between two research teams or laboratories (one in France and the other abroad) who have already worked together on joint publications.
  • IRN – International Research Networks: a network of labs enabling French and overseas teams to work together within the framework of a flexible partnership on a given scientific theme.