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International Research Actions - UMI, LIA, LEA, IRN

Within the framework of increased collaboration among French and foreign laboratories, research organisations have established structured actions to reinforce existing cooperation - such as International Joint Units or Unités Mixtes Internationales (UMI), International Associated Laboratories or Laboratoires Internationaux Associés (LIA), and International Research Networks (IRN - former GDRI).

UMIs are laboratories in their own right, as found in universities and research organizations. They are based in a single location, in France or abroad, and bring together researchers, students, postdocs, and support staff from the research organisation and partner institution(s). The Director of a UMI is jointly named by the research institution and the foreign partner institution(s).

LIAs and LEAs (European Associated Laboratories) are virtual labs in which human and material resources are pooled to carry out a common research project between several research teams or laboratories in France and abroad who have already worked together on joint publications.

IRNs are scientifically-coordinated networks that bring together research teams in European and non-European countries. Their activities are coordinated by a scientific committee.

Université Paris-Saclay is involved in 3 International Joint Units (UMI), 36 International Associated Laboratories (LIA), and 12 IRNs:


  • 3 International Joint Units - UMI
  • 29 International Associated Laboratories - LIA
  • 12 International Research Networks - IRN


  • 5 LIA


  • 1 LIA
  • 1LEA - European Associated Laboratory

The map below lists the actions involving the founding members of Université Paris-Saclay.

By clicking on the arrow at the top left hand corner of the map, you can see the actions in detail, sorted by department of research:



Electrical, Optical and Bio Engineering  
Physics of Light and Matter  
Physics of the Two Infinites  
Geosciences and Astrophysics

Life Sciences

Information Science and Technology