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Health services for PhD candidates

Health is an essential service for students, PhD candidates, and all other university staff, enable to maintain their mental and physical well-being

As a PhD candidate, and whatever the terms of your thesis (doctoral contract, grant...), you have access to various health services. 

  • The preventive medical service 
    Due to your research work, you are attached to one or more laboratories. Therefore, you can reffered to a specific medicine service
  • The Student Health Service
    A team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, a dietician, a tabaccologist... to welcome you and help you succeed in your university projects
  • A special service for PhD candidates with disabilities

In order to guide you through the various procedures, the Maison du doctorat has produced this flyer and this table listing the medical services according to your employer.


Health services for PhD candidates


Prevention medical service depending on the employer