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The 'Doctoral Careers' Paths

General Information

La Maison du Doctorat offers "doctoral career paths" to doctoral students at Université Paris-Saclay.

These training paths are intended for all doctoral candidates at Université Paris-Saclay. They aim to accompany future doctoral candidates in identifying the skills necessary for a well-defined professional sector open to doctoral graduates, with the goal of valorizing their experience and facilitating their transition to these professions within the framework of their professional mobility.

Each path allows the doctoral student to explore a targeted professional sector (sector knowledge day), participate in training modules, and apply the knowledge gained from the path. The paths can be followed in their entirety or "à la carte."

There are 6 paths:

  • "Doctoral Careers: Deeptech Entrepreneurship"
  • "Doctoral Careers: Higher Education Teaching"
  • "Doctoral Careers: Mediation, Communication, and Scientific Journalism"
  • "Doctoral Careers: R&D in Industry"
  • "Doctoral Careers: 'All Experts!', Consulting and Expertise"
  • "Doctoral Careers: Valorization of Innovative Research Projects"

These paths are integrated into the section of training courses to be taken during your doctoral training, and the competencies are "mobilizable for professional mobility." This set should result in 6 to 15 training points.

A Common Organizational Model

Each path aims for specific objectives related to a professional sector.

  1. Sector Employment Knowledge: This first step allows for the discovery of a professional sector. It consists of a day divided between an overview of professions and a round table discussion with professionals and/or young graduates of the sector.

  2. Training Modules: These modules provide an opportunity to develop and/or reinforce knowledge and skills by participating in training sessions.

  3. Practical Application: Support for Consolidation Practical application supports consolidation through various activities according to the path. This may include hours of teaching given by the doctoral student (for the "Teaching in Higher Education" path), or expert missions for the "All Experts! Consulting and Expertise" path."

Different Approaches to Understanding These Paths

There are two ways to approach the 6 paths offered by Université Paris-Saclay:

  • The Label: If the doctoral student aims to obtain the label, it is necessary to complete the entire path, including the practical application (see conditions for obtaining the label). The doctoral student validates 12 points.

  • À la Carte Training: The doctoral student chooses one or more trainings of their choice, "à la carte". Points are validated based on the trainings taken.

Exception: The "All Experts! Consulting and Expertise" path requires completing all modules.

You will find details of the objectives and modalities on the page of each path.

The "Doctoral Careers" label from Université Paris-Saclay aims to be recognized nationally and internationally in the future.

Obtaining the label signifies the doctoral student's interest in a specific professional sector and the strong commitment they have demonstrated in their training path.

The label is intended to valorize the skills and experience of the doctor on the job market.

 *The methods of valorization through training points may vary from one path to another."