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Passerelle University Diploma (DU) – Students in Exile

In coordination with the MEnS Network, 11 universities, including Université Paris-Saclay, offer a single application form for all Passerelle University Diploma (DU) in Ile-de-France.

Applications for the Passerelle University Diploma (DU) are open from 2 May to 21 May. Please click here for all the information.

The “Passerelle” University Diploma (DU) is intended for non-French speaking students in exile (refugees, those under subsidiary/temporary protection or asylum seekers) who hold at least a high school diploma (equivalent to the French baccalaureate) and who wish to begin or continue their higher education in the French university system.  

The “Passerelle” University Diploma is mainly based on intensive learning of French as a Foreign Language (FLE). It includes oral and written comprehension and production activities. Each semester allows students to acquire a level in French according to the CEFR. At the end of the year, students take a French diploma (TCF or DELF) to officially certify their level of French.

In addition to language acquisition, the program offers students orientation, professional and integration workshops to help them prepare their academic and professional projects: university methodology courses, orientation workshops, CV and cover letter writing, application file preparation, cultural and sports activities.  

Throughout the year, students are accompanied by the pedagogical and administrative team of the program through regular individual meetings to review their situation and their project.

Program schedule

The “Passerelle” University diploma takes place over a full academic year, organized in 2 semesters of 12 weeks.

  • Semester 1: September to January  
  • Semester 2: February to May

Classes are held 4 days a week. Attendance is mandatory and is a condition for obtaining the diploma.

Université Paris Saclay
Faculté Jean Monnet
54 Boulevard Desgranges
92 330 Sceaux

Students are exempted from registration fees.  

Students receive a student card giving them access to all facilities available to students enrolled at the university: university library, cultural and sports activities, social assistance, medical and psychological services, computer loans.  

Provided they meet the criteria, students can benefit from scholarship and student housing based on social criteria. Students can be assisted in their application by the secretariat of the program.

Admission criteria

  • Be a refugee, asylum seeker or under subsidiary/temporary protection;

  • Be under 35 years old;

  • Hold at least a high school diploma (equivalent to the french baccalaureate) in their country of origin;

  • Having a stated motivation to start or resume their studies in the French university system.

Students from french-speaking countries are not eligible.



For further details, please contact the secretariat of the program: