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What to do in case of a problem?

In the event of harassment

A monitoring and listening unit made up of doctors, nurses, social workers and a "gender equality" officer is in place to receive, support, listen to and guide, in complete confidentiality, people who are victims or witnesses in order to put a stop to all types of harassment (sexual, moral, cyber harassment, gender-based violence, assault, rape, sexual exhibition...).

  • You can contact the unit by e-mail or submit a report via a form.
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In case of breach of research ethics or scientific integrity

The mission of the scientific integrity referents is to ensure, in complete confidentiality, the investigation of any breach that may be reported to them.

In case of a health problem

For a problem, as a PhD student you have, for the most part, an employee status, therefore you have access to your employer's occupational medicine. On an other hand, you all have, a student status (enrolled in a PhD), which gives you access to university health services.


Other cases

In case of a conflict in the context of your PhD project

One of the missions of the doctoral schools is to offer mediation or conflict resolution.​​​​​


If you dispute an opinion or decision on your re-registration

An appeal mechanism is provided for, after each stage of the re-registration process, in the event of disagreement between the parties involved.


For any other difficulties relating to the conditions for preparing your thesis

You can contact a member of your individual monitoring committee at any time, without waiting for the annual meeting.

For any administrative difficulty

Administrative difficulties encountered during registration, re-registration or defence must be reported to your doctoral school (secretariat, then management)