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STAPS : Entraînement et optimisation de la performance sportive

Objectifs pédagogiques de la mention

The general objective of the mention is to bridge the gap between research in human movement science and sport practice. More specifically, the masters aims to facilitate the acquisition of basic knowledge and scientific skills in the fields of Physiology, Biomechanics, Psychology and Neuroscience in order to rationalize and improve practices in training, as well as to optimize sports performance. The ultimate objective being the
necessary application to the sport field and the promotion of athletes health and well-being and naturally, the ramifications into research and development in human movement and sport sciences.
Learning advanced technological tools used in these different scientific fields (e.g. fast camera, force platform, connected objects, portable gas analysis, etc.) as well as the analyzes associated with the use of these tools (e.g. signals processing, quantitative / qualitative statistics, etc.) and their interpretation contribute to this approach.
The master will gather highly renowned scholars, health and sport professionals working closely together in a theoretical and practical teaching environment providing students with an original and relevant approach that puts human movement science into practice and vice versa.

Profil de sortie des étudiants

Sport and Exercise scientist


The Masters contains a single track ("sport science for health and performance")

Partenariat(s) académiques(s)

University of Porto (Portugal)
University of Coimbra (Portugal)
University of Waterford (Ireland)
University of Munster (Germany)


Bachelor's degree in human movement sciences (Sport and Exercise Science, STAPS, Kinesiology etc.) or equivalent
Health professionals (e.g. MD, physiotherapists, osteopaths, etc.)

Débouchés de la mention

  • Lecturer or researcher in sport and exercise science (if PhD pursuit)
  • Engineer in sport and exercise science
  • Sports coach
  • Physical, nutritional or mental trainer
  • Personal coach (physical, mental)

Schéma de la mention

Les compétences à acquérir au sein de la mention sont :
  • Carry out original research projects in human movement and sport science based on scientific literature review.

  • Communicate research results to the scientific community and sports federations.

  • Evaluate the performance of sedentary people and athletes using field and laboratory testing with the appropriate material, methods and tools commonly used in human movement science.

  • Optimize athlete performance and implement training methods with advanced multidisciplinary knowledge in human movement science.

  • Adapt and personalize training to preserve athlete health and well being.