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Nature, environment and sustainable development Orsay-Bures Vallée

Alma Mater, les Jardins Partagés de l'Université Paris-Sud

The objective of the association is to learn how to garden collective plots together, whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, while respecting nature and helping to reduce waste by composting green waste. No phytosanitary products are used on the plots and the free and reproducible seeds we sow come from organic farming.

We are also trying to promote biodiversity in our gardens, for example through insect hotels and plants that attract pollinators.

The gardens are located between buildings 400 (on Grégor Mendel street, to the north), 360 (on Doyen André Guinier street, to the south) and 409 (to the east). They can be accessed from the parking lot of building 409 or by the pedestrian path that connects building 337 to building 409.


rue Grégor Mendel
91400 Orsay

48.70328, 2.17251