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The winners of the 2023 Student Entrepreneurship Day

Entrepreneurship Article published on 27 March 2023 , Updated on 30 March 2023

The 13th edition of the Student Entrepreneurship Day at Université Paris-Saclay took place on Thursday 23 March 2023 at the university’s Faculty of Science. 

Approximately sixty projects took part in the entrepreneurship fair which was organised as part of the event and some 41 teams took on the challenge of pitching their innovative start-up projects in just three minutes during the event’s pitch competition. The juries chose a winning project in each of the six categories: product or service, at differing stages of development (conception, emerging or advanced). 

The juries were made up of some of the Pépite PEIPS’s (the Paris-Saclay network for young entrepreneurs) most loyal partners, key players from the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, local banks, entrepreneurship specialists from the Pépite PEIPS network, and Université Paris-Saclay alumni entrepreneurs. 

The winning teams

• Category: service - Stage of development: concept
Winning project: Soltéo.

Project led by Manon Hias at Ecole Polytechnique
“The promise of green, local and accessible energy via a platform which puts key stakeholders in contact with each other to make use of excess solar power by selling it locally, offering cheaper and decarbonated electricity to neighbours.”

• Category: product - Stage of development: concept
Winning project: CryoTransplant.

Project let by Rose Cahagne at Université Paris-Saclay
“A bioinspired solution to improve the conservation time of grafts for transplants, to increase the number of grafts available and transplants.”

• Category: service - Stage of development: emerging
Winning project: Buddi Flashcards.

Project led by Valentine Quiniou at Université Paris-Saclay
“Material and digital flashcards to eliminate the lengthy amounts of time spent learning hundreds of examples of case law, legal notions and definitions.”

• Category: product – Stage of development: emerging
Winning project: Let’s Write Back

Project led by Louis-Gabriel Pouillot at Telecom ParisTech
“An AI-based medical physiotherapy solution for handwriting to help patients with neuromotor conditions (strokes, Parkinson disease…).”

• Category: Service – Stage of development: advanced
Winning project: ScreenMe

Project led by Eva Derabanne at Université Paris-Saclay
“A solution to automatically identify eligible patients and speed up medical research, so that patients can access treatment in time.”

• Category: product – Stage of development: advanced
Winning project: Newave

Project led by Ewen MAHEVAS at ENSTA ParisTech.
“High-performance, compact and long-lasting surf boards, which can be assembled in three parts.”

Newave was also awarded a prize by the Paris-Saclay public authority, WIPSE (Welcome in Paris Saclay Enterprises) and the spaces “Le 30” and “Le 21”: 6 months of access to the coworking spaces Le 30 and Le 21, or 3 months of free rent at the WIPSE business incubator.

The winning teams were awarded €2,000 each by the Pépite PEIPS network for the development of their project/start-up and free entry to the Techinnov 2023 event by the Essonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

The partners’ favourites

The event’s partners also chose five of their favourite start-up projects; a real opportunity for the young entrepreneurs to gain support and guidance!

• The Essonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s favourite award: Forest Data Manager
Category: service – Stage of development: concept – led by Mathieu Penet at AgroParisTech
“A forest management software focused on mixed forestry with continuous cover. Using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, the solution provides forest management strategies to build high-performance, resilient forest ecosystems.”
Prize: a training session of their choice at the Essonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry

•  The BNP Paribas’ favourite award: MooveToi
Category: service – Stage of Development: advanced – led by Néva Beraud-Peigne at Université Paris-Saclay 
“A group of experts who propose fun and tailored physical activity events which improve the health of those most in need (elderly people, people with chronic illnesses or disabilities).” 
Prize: €500

• The Banque Populaire Val de France’s favourite award: InnoCarbo
Category: product – Stage of development: emerging – led by Jean-Baptiste Aloïsio at ENSTA ParisTech
“An innovative manufacturing solution for complex geometrical carbon parts using advanced automation to maximise productivity and surpass current technological standards.”
Prize: €500

• The IncubAlliance’s favourite award: LSC Technologies
Category: product – Stage of development: advanced – led by Dimitri Marceau at the Institut d'Optique Graduate School
“A solution to improve pulsed lighting by filtering the light source using luminescent concentrators”
Prize: 1 entry to the GenesisLab

• The IncubAlliance’s favourite award: Digi'Skin
Category: product – Stage of development: emerging – led by Gabriel Eleuterio at Sup'Biotech
“The project aims to develop a tool to help amputees regain their sense of touch and thermal feeling in protheses.”
Prize: 1 entry to the GenesisLab

The 2023 Student Entrepreneurship Day in images