M2 Purchasing and supplier Relationship Management

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The objective of this curriculum is to produce generalist managers who have a global and transversal approach to the enterprise. The program helps students acquire knowledge and business practices in the following three areas:
Overall management (strategy, change management, technology, project management...) and international management.
Quality management (certification, tools, audits...).
Purchasing (purchasing strategy, sourcing, negotiation, supplier audits...).
This curriculum is designed as a block release training program (apprenticeship contract). During their studies, the students perform a one or two-year mission, in purchasing management, supplier relationship management and purchasing quality. Through this mission they can acquire real experience, which will help them enter the professional world after their studies. The program is organized as follows: one week of classes and two weeks on the job.
This curriculum prepares students for the following jobs and positions:
• Vendor quality assurance manager,
• Supplier relationship manager
• Auditor
• Sourcing manager
• Supply chain manager
• Purchasing
• Project manager
• Purchasing consultant
• etc.

Course Prerequisites

The programme is open to students who have the necessary prerequisites in management and business management. It is aimed at students who have completed a Master 1 in management, business, commerce, economic and social administration, etc. The training is also intended for students who already hold a Master 2 (scientific, legal, technological, etc.) and who wish to acquire additional training in purchasing. As the programme is a work-study placement, it also requires some form of prior experience in a company (in the form of an internship or work-study assignment) as well as the ability to follow academic studies while doing an apprenticeship.

  • Formulate a development strategy and have the capacity to navigate a global corporate strategy: setting objectives, defining the means, coordinating or participating in the implementation, etc.

  • Formulate a purchasing strategy and develop its various dimensions: keep a watch on competition and regulations, define the sourcing policy, manage the supplier portfolio, manage supplier relations, define performance indicators, etc.

  • Choose and deploy quality management approaches and tools in relation to suppliers and the company's external partners (define quality indicators, comply with standards, develop an audit process, carry out certification procedures, etc.).

  • Manage a profit centre linked to Purchasing activities: manage a budget, monitor and measure performance, estimate financial impacts; audit, analyse and assess the risks inherent in purchasing.

  • Define and coordinate a change project within an organisation: develop project management plans, coordinate the implementation of the project areas, manage transformations, develop communication plans, lead and unite teams, manage relations with ordering parties, etc.

  • Lead a team (both organisational and human aspects), in an international context in particular and be able to incorporate and/or drive a collective approach: develop relationships and leadership, set objectives, motivate employees, manage conflicts, assess employees, etc.

Post-graduate profile

Graduates of this programme take up jobs as operational managers or consultants in the capacities of:
- purchasing: buyer, production buyer, non-production buyer, sourcing, etc.
- quality, supplier audit and supplier relationship management:
- project management and change management in connection with purchasing, quality control and supplier relations.

Career prospects

The main jobs targeted by the programme are:
- Production buyer, non-production buyer
- Supplier quality assurance manager
- Supplier relations manager
- Auditor
- Sourcing manager
- Supply chain manager
- Project manager
- Purchasing consultant


Laboratoire de recherche en Management.

LAREQUOI : Laboratoire de recherche en management UVSQ.


Le semestre 1 est consacré aux approfondissements en management, aux stratégies Achat, à la dimension humaine de la fonction Achat et au management de projet.

Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
UE 9 : Processus d'achat et négociation 3 34
UE 8 : Marketing industriel et marketing des achats 2 20
UE 7 : Techniques d'achats avancées 2 20
UE 10 : Anglais des achats - 1 2 20
Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
UE 12 : Business game 2 20
UE 11 : Management de projet et conduite de projet 8 34
Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
UE 3 : Management du changement 2 20
UE 2 : Management de l'innovation et relations fournisseurs 2 20
UE 1 : Management Stratégique 2 20
Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
UE 6 : Métier et comportement de l'acheteur 1 14
UE 5 : Développement personnel et communication interpersonnelle 2 20
UE 4 : Management des équipes 2 20

Le programme du second semestre porte sur les approfondissements dans le management des achats, le management international ainsi que la méthodologie de rédaction du mémoire de fin d'études.

Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
UE 15 : Ethiqe et démarches des achats durables 1 10
UE 14 : Démarches et outils de l'audit fournisseurs 2 20
UE 13 : Supplier Relationship Management 2 20
Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
UE 18 : Anglais des achats -2 2 20
UE 17 : Digitalisation des achats 2 20
UE 16 : Performance des achats et achats spécifiques 1 20
Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
UE 20 : Séminaire international 2 10
UE 19 : Management interculturel 2 20
Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
UE 22 : Mission et mémoire de fin d'études 14 10
UE 21 : Méthodologie de recherche en management 2 14
Modalités de candidatures
Application period
From 01/03/2021 to 30/06/2021
Compulsory supporting documents
  • Proof of residence.

    (As the program is being held in apprenticeship, it is not open to foreign students not already living in France.)
  • Motivation letter.

    (The cover letter must clearly present the candidate's professional project.)
  • All transcripts of the years / semesters validated since the high school diploma at the date of application.

    (Incluant le relevé de notes du premier semestre de l'année en cours (Master 1 ou équivalent), éventuellement Master 2 ou équivalent))
  • Curriculum Vitae.

  • Supporting documents (TOEFL, TOEIC, certificate of a teacher ...) of a level of a foreign language.

    (Level B1 (or equivalent) in English, ideally in the form of a test score (TOEIC, Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, BULATS, London Test of English, etc.), or a certificate from your English teacher or the results of a placement test.)
Additional supporting documents
  • Choice sheet of M2 (obligatory for the candidates registered in M1 at the University Paris-Saclay) to download on https://www.universite-paris-saclay.fr/en/admission/apply-master-programmes.

  • VAP file (obligatory for all persons requesting a valuation of the assets to enter the diploma).

  • IAE-Message Score.

    (As the program is operated by the ISM-IAE of Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, the IAE-Message Score test is recommended (subject to the organization according to the health situation). Information available on: https://www.iae-message.fr/)
Course manager(s)
Mourad ATTARÇA - mourad.attarca@uvsq.fr