M2 Life Sciences and Health, International Track - Infectiology : Biology of Infectious Diseases - Cambodia

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The Master Life Sciences and Health - International Track Infectiology: Biology of infectious diseases - is a 2-year Master program for English-speaking students, fully hosted at University of Health Sciences (Phnom Penh, Cambodia).
The aim of the Master’s program Infectiology is to provide a solid and broad-based foundation in prominent areas in Life Sciences and Health, as well as a high level of competences in Infectiology. Pedagogical team includes specialists from reputable international universities and research institutes. Coupled with an intensive internship period in top level research labs (Institut Pasteur, Institut Pasteur in Cambodia, Université Paris-Saclay, University of Health Sciences, etc…), students will obtain both theoretical and practical experience in Infectiology.

  • Interpret, discuss and communicate scientific results in writing and orally.

  • Present a scientific approach to deal with a Biology and Health question that relates to the biology of infectious diseases.

  • Conduct experiments independently (under supervision).

  • Write scientific reports and articles that meet academic standards in Science.

Career prospects

This programme opens the way to fundamental and applied research positions in public or private institutions, at engineer or researcher level, after completing doctoral studies. This programme is recommended to clinicians who wish to acquire a knowledge base in the biology of infectious diseases.



Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell - DRF/JOLIOT
Inflammation Chimiokines and Immunopathology
Infection et inflammation Chronique
Unité de recherche Virologie et Immunologie Moléculaires.

Réseau des Instituts Pasteur (Cambodge et Paris)
Département "Infectious Diseases Models for Innovative Therapies" (IDMIT, Institut de Biologie François Jacob).

Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Vector-borne diseases and vector transmission 2.5 25
Resistance mechanisms to anti-infectious agents 2.5 14 3 3
Host-pathogen interactions 6 40 20
Epidemiology of infectious diseases 5 38 12
Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Introduction to clinical trials 2 10 4 6
Data management 2 10 10
Bio-security and bio-banking: good practices 2 25
Advanced bioinformatics 2 6 14
Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Scientific Project 6 60
Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Internship 30
Modalités de candidatures
Application period
From 03/02/2020 to 20/04/2020
From 04/05/2020 to 15/08/2020
Compulsory supporting documents
  • Curriculum Vitae.

  • Motivation letter.

  • All transcripts of the years / semesters validated since the high school diploma at the date of application.

  • Certificate of English level.

Additional supporting documents
  • VAP file (obligatory for all persons requesting a valuation of the assets to enter the diploma).