M2 Sport leisure and event management

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This program is the only one taught in english and to be delivered in a french university dedicated to sport management and especially to the management of international sporting events (Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Footbal European Championships, Tour de France, French Open, etc.). This master is intented to both french and international students.

Course Prerequisites

Training in sports management, economics-business or similar

  • Develop and organise a sporting event in an international context.

  • Design and steer the marketing and communication strategy of an international sporting event.

  • Master all the skills required to run a sports organisation as an executive.

Post-graduate profile

Students graduated from this program become managers of organising committees of international sporting events.

Career prospects

This course prepares students to become executives of sports organisations, in the public and private domains, at national and international levels. The programme's location in Ile-de-France has enabled a considerable network of professionals to be built over the years, to great advantage for the students. Once they complete their training, former students can opt to carry out their internship and then be hired in one of the following bodies: marketing agencies that specialise in sport, marketing agencies, companies that organise sporting events, sports federations, committees that organise major sporting events, sports media, sponsors, sports equipment suppliers, etc.


Complexité, innovation, activités motrices et sportives
Réseaux Innovation Territoires et Mondialisation
Institutions et Dynamiques Historiques de l'Economie et de la société.


Le S1 est constitué de deux modules : l'un regroupant des éléments fondamentaux lié aux sciences de gestion et l'autre à des contenus spécifiques liés à la communication et au marketing dans le sport.

Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Research seminar in sport management 5 30
Management control 3 24
Major authors in the field of management 4 24
Advanced sport business in english 2 20
Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Strategies of sport organizations and career management 3 30
Sport marketing 4 25
Sport and communication strategies 2 12
Non profit sport marketing 3 20
Economics of sport 2 12
Branding in sport 2 12

Le S2 est constitué de deux modules, l'un de spécialisation sur les événements sportifs, l'autre sur le stage et le mémoire.

Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Stakes and strategies of event organizers 2 12
Stakeholders strategies in sport 2 24
event management strategies 3 20
Event management 3 20
droit du sport (ou FLE) 2 12
Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Thesis in sport management 5 20
Réalisation d'un événement sportif 5 45
Internship in sport organizations 6 20
Institutional student projects 2 8
Modalités de candidatures
Application period
From 08/03/2021 to 04/06/2021
Compulsory supporting documents
  • Curriculum Vitae.

  • Motivation letter.

  • All transcripts of the years / semesters validated since the high school diploma at the date of application.

Additional supporting documents
  • VAP file (obligatory for all persons requesting a valuation of the assets to enter the diploma).