M2 Parisian Computer Sciences Research Master

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The goal of this master is to train researchers in theoretical computer science based on numerous
courses and working groups with several formats. The students must perform two reseach internships. The main covered fields are: (1) algorithms, (2) calculability and complexity, (3) cryptology and security, (4) automata theory, (5) combinatorics and effective algebra, (6) logic, automatic and interactive proofs, (7) programming langages semantique (8) analysis and la verification of programs and systems.

  • Develop a research activity in fundamental computer science.

  • Design a language, an algorithm, etc.

  • Demonstrate properties of a language, of an algorithm, etc.

  • Formalise a problem using the relevant tools and level of abstraction.

  • Exhibit work to a scientific audience.

Career prospects

The aim of the Master's programme is to train future researchers (researchers and university lecturers in academic laboratories and industrial R&D departments) by equipping them to carry out a preliminary research project as preparation for a doctoral programme. Some students, however, choose not to continue with a thesis after their Master's degree, instead going on to careers as engineers or developers, often in highly innovative companies.


Laboratoire Spécification et Vérification
Laboratoire de recherche en informatique.

DI de l'ENS
LIX et les deux centres franciliens d'Inria.


Cette formation est une introduction à l'informatique fondamentale.

Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Informatique fondamentale 30 240

Cette formation est constituée d'un stage de recherche de 16 à 20 semaines.

Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Stage 30
Modalités de candidatures
Application period
From 01/02/2021 to 15/07/2021
Compulsory supporting documents
  • Sheet of choice of platform completed to download on the site.

  • Motivation letter.

  • Curriculum Vitae.

  • All transcripts of the years / semesters validated since the high school diploma at the date of application.

Additional supporting documents
  • VAP file (obligatory for all persons requesting a valuation of the assets to enter the diploma).

Course manager(s)
Mihaela Sighireanu - mihaela.sighireanu@irif.fr