M2 Genomics Informatics and Mathematics for Health and Environment

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With the advent of high-speed data processing technology (genome sequencing, RNA and protein expression, metabolomics), different fields in life sciences (pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, biotechnologies, agro-industry, environment and fundamental research) need researchers and engineers with sound knowledge in biology and the ability to treat and analyse large quantities of heterogeneous data. This master's program, with a Biocomputing specialization, is a multidisciplinary program that satisfies this demand by enabling students to:
understand biology's complex and diverse issues in order to respond to current needs in research and innovation in academic research, the biotechnology industry, pharma and health;
deal with new challenges brought about by the evolution and rapid development of high-speed data production technologies;
master techniques associated with the analysis and modelling of biomedical data;
be autonomous when managing application development projects in a variety of programming languages, to propose innovative IT solutions and to carry out the analyses and necessary developments to test new methods and hypotheses for the living.

  • Evaluate and optimise the various computer and statistical methods that are to be implemented in the analysis of genomic Big Data, particularly in the context of precision medicine.

  • Analyse a biological or precision medicine problem and design a model or a resolution of this problem through the use of existing computer and statistical methods or by proposing new ones.

  • Join a project and work collaboratively.

  • Write and orally present a project and scientific results in English.

Post-graduate profile

Bioinformaticians and data scientists specialising in precision medicine, both as analysts and as designers of new methods.

Career prospects

Openings for GENIOMHE M2 include:
- Access to engineering positions in bioinformatics, typically in Research and Development, for example:
Designer and developer of bioinformatics algorithms and software
Biomedical data analyst
Designer and developer of Databases and websites in biology, health, agronomy or environment
Manager of bioinformatics platforms
- Further studies at doctoral level.


Informatique, Biologie Intégrative & Systèmes Complexes
Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Modélisation d'Evry
Laboratoire Européen de Recherche pour la Polyarthrite rhumatoïde
Institut des Sciences des Plantes de Paris-Saclay
Institut Génomique - DRF/JACOB
Genoscope - DRF/JACOB
Approches génétiques intégrées et découvertes thérapeutiques pour les maladies rares
Centre National de Recherche en Génomique Humaine - DRF/JACOB
Vectorologie et thérapeutiques anticancéreuses
Structure-Activité des Biomolécules Normales et Pathologiques.


Le semestre 1 du master comprend un ensemble d'UEs toutes obligatoires, organisées en 5 groupes.

Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Computational Systems Biology and Network Medicine 3 15 9
Bioinformatics of RNA and non-coding world 2 9 12
Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Metagenomics and Multiomics for microbiome studies 2.5 9 12
Comparative Genomics 2.5 9 12
Advanced functional genomics 3 15 9
Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Statistics and statistical learning 3 12 15
Artificial intelligence and deep learning 3 12 15
Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Transversal projects 2 15
Conferences and openness to entrepreneurship 1 9
Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Data integration and Big Data 2.5 9 12
Algorithmic and combinatorial optimisation 2.5 15 9
Advanced programming and project management 3 12 15

Le semestre 2 est dédié au stage.

Matières ECTS Cours TD TP Cours-TD Cours-TP TD-TP A distance Projet Tutorat
Internship 30
Modalités de candidatures
Application period
From 15/02/2021 to 30/06/2021
Compulsory supporting documents
  • Motivation letter.

  • All transcripts of the years / semesters validated since the high school diploma at the date of application.

  • Curriculum EU (description of the units of education followed) of the last two years.

  • Curriculum Vitae.

Additional supporting documents
Course manager(s)
Administrative office
Aurélie Dekoninck - Aurelie.dekoninck@univ-evry.fr