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About Metabiodivex

At the heart of the evolution of living beings and biological balances. In ecosystems, all living beings, without exception, interact with each other through interposed molecules. Specialized Metabolites (SM), at the heart of evolution, reveal within biodiversity a fascinating chemical diversity dedicated to homeostasis, communication, adaptation or defense. The biochemical origin, biological roles, and the uses that Human can make of them are continuous questions for scientists in many fields, directly related to the societal challenges listed above. In particular, chemical ecology - a multidisciplinary science in essence - is devoted to the study of these complex interactions between organisms and their ecosystem. The understanding of these latter is fundamental in many respects and is central to the forces gathered in this project. There are many scientific challenges to integrate the technological revolutions (omics, metadata management - big data - the development of artificial intelligence tools...) Finally, the issues related to ecosystem imbalances (rational exploitation, sustainable development...) and their impact on human health and biodiversity can be considered as major societal issues.

Metabiodivex is a consortium that emerge within Université Paris-Saclay. This consortium is totally dedicated to the study of the specialized metabolism of living beings, covering a panel of fields unique in Europe. METABIODIVEX support multidisciplinary research projects promoting the discovery of new Specialized metabolites, the study of their structural and functional properties, their production and valorization. Based on three main Graduate Schools (GS) "Biosphera", "Chemistry" and "Health and Drug Sciences", this structuring project will aim to develop a research of excellence through the implementation of integrated breakthrough strategies in order to develop new fields and new activities related to the environment, agro-sciences and health.

An optimal organization. Metabiodivex structures a set of laboratories within Université Paris-Saclay, conducting multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary actions (a major asset of the integrated approach) that will ultimately help to meet the challenges of public health and environmental issues. The training component is essential is subdivided in university excellence training, continuing education and thematic schools. Metabiodivex is also fostering the development of collaborations with regional social-economic actors, and will actively participate in national and international research networks.

Societal challenges : health and wellness/climate, environment and sustainable development/biodiversity, agriculture and food/industrial renewal