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Nature, environment and sustainable development Paris

AKVO Project

The AKVO project aims to communicate and raise awareness of the variety of issues concerning different hydrosystems (basins, lakes, rivers, deltas, etc.) subject to global change. This involves collecting testimonies of solutions implemented by different actors (population, resource users, NGOs, governments, etc.) at the local level at the inter-state level. More precisely, the aim of this association will be to allow each new team to study a particular hydrosystem. The activity of the association will take place in two phases. First, bibliographic work will be carried out as well as interviews with water management specialists in the targeted area in order to identify existing issues, as well as a panel of stakeholders to meet on site. Then, the trip will take place over meetings which will result in the production of articles and videos via a website and social networks. For its first edition, the AKVO 2020 project will be led by 4 AgroParisTech engineering students over six months, in South-East Asia, all along the Mekong, thus crossing Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma and China. It will focus on the impacts of large hydraulic infrastructures present on the Mekong on, for example, the life of the population, agriculture and fishing, the environment and institutions. We want to identify one or two issues specific to each country that will allow us to find intermediaries and stages.


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