Scientific research at University of Paris-Saclay is organized around a number of major fields which include basic research, applied science and industrial applications.

Some 275 University of Paris-Saclay research laboratories pursue the shared goal of pushing back the boundaries of knowledge and possibility. More than 15 000 researchers, professors, engineers and PhD students carry out research in these labs. The teams are recognized internationally and collaborate on interdisciplinary projects with high societal impact.

Research also represents a powerful form of "learning by doing" for our students. 20% of our Master’s students choose to continue their studies with a doctoral programme.

University of Paris-Saclay has the highest concentration in France of Very Large Research Instruments and experimental and computing platforms available to the various communities.
The University also encourages students who embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship with tailor-made support, but also challenges, initiations and a real plunge into the world of entrepreneurship.  

A design centre to facilitate the transition from R&D to the market

The Design Spot, the design centre of University of Paris-Saclay , was born in 2017 out of the desire to promote design among students, researchers and companies in our ecosystem and thus contribute to the invention of tomorrow's objects and uses. The Design Spot is a unique place for awareness raising and creation in France. The centre organises short training courses to show how design can be a factor of innovation and accompanies project leaders from the idea to the design stage.

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QUANTUM, quantum sciences and technologies center

Université Paris-Saclay is a key player in the wide field of quantum sciences and technologies, both at the national level in France and at the international level.  More than 40 research teams contribute at the highest international level to all the strategic areas in quantum technologies, both in university laboratories and in campus-based companies. The researchers are involved in high-level training programmes in quantum physics and engineering. Université Paris-Saclay has also developed successful partnerships between academia and industry and has witnessed the creation of several startups of the second quantum revolution. 

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275 labs
9 000 professors and researchers
15 000 scientific publications per year
160 ERC grants 
13% of French national research 
100 start-ups created each year