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Lines of research

The major challenges facing our world in the coming decades require policies to be based on scientific research and its subsequent developments and innovations.

Scientific research produced at Université Paris-Saclay forms part of dynamic centred on three key broad areas and eight societal challenges, from pure research to applied science and industrial interest.

Some 230 Université Paris-Saclay research laboratories pursue the shared goal of pushing back the boundaries of knowledge and possibility. More than 15 000 researchers, professors, engineers and PhD students carry out research in these labs. The teams are recognized internationally and collaborate on interdisciplinary projects with high societal impact.

Research also represents a powerful form of "learning by doing" for our students. 20% of our Master’s students choose to continue their studies with a doctoral programme. The University also encourages students who embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship with tailor-made support, but also challenges, initiations and a real plunge into the world of entrepreneurship.  

3 key fields of research

Societal challenges

Health and well being Energy, Climate, Environment, Sustainable Development Biodiversity, Agriculture and Food Digital transformation and Artificial  Intelligence (AI)
Transport and Mobility Aerospace and Aeronautics Industrial Renewal  


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Research policy

Building on the potential of its members and laboratories, the research produced at Université Paris-Saclay forms part of a dynamic centred on key areas, from pure research to applied science and

Interdisciplinary programmes

The aim of interdisciplinary programmes is to carry out collaborative research, training, and innovation between different Graduate Schools, encouraging collaboration on transversal themes.