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Supervising a PhD candidate without an HDR at Université Paris-Saclay

Is it possible to apply for recognition of equivalence instead of submitting a request?

To supervise a PhD candidate without an HDR, you must either submit a request to Université Paris-Saclay (see steps below), or request for recognition of equivalence (see below the section "Recognised equivalent qualifications).

Steps to take

  1. If you would like to supervise a PhD candidate without an HDR, you must first contact the HDR advisers. They are responsible for guiding candidates in finding the scheme that best suits their status and needs, as well as helping them to prepare their application.
  2. Your application will be studied by the Graduate School, which will then issue a proposal.
  3. The candidate must then prepare and submit their application by email to
  4. The application will be studied by the Conseil académique of the Commission de Recherche, which will then issue an opinion.
  5. The decision to authorise supervision without an HDR is made by the President of Université Paris-Saclay who will inform the candidate and other relevant persons.



All application files should be sent to at least four weeks before a Commission de Recherche meeting, where it will be studied. See calendar dates


Equivalences to the HDR recognised (document in english soon)