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Quality assurance documents

Doctoral training is governed by a framework, responding to a certain number of articles, orders, decrees, circulars and university charters, French and European, presented here.

The national and European framework

Further information on registration and re-registration

Further information about defense and diploma

  • Recognition of students' involvement in community, social or professional life (Articles D611-7 to D611-9)
  • Circular of March a, 2000 on the organisation of examinations (NOR: MENS0000500C)
  • Circular NOR: ESRS2312764C of 7-05-2023 on the procedures for the preparation and award of national diplomas and certain State diplomas by higher education institutions under the authority of the Ministry of Higher Education & Research.
  • Decree no 2006-1436 of November 24, 2006 taken for the application of article 2 of the law n°93-1419 of December 31, 1993 relating to the National Printing Office (NOR : ECOT0651069D)

Private law PhD doctoral contracts, public law PhD contracts and research residence agreements 

  • Decree n° 2009-464 of April 23, 2009 on contractual doctoral students in public higher education or research establishments (NOR: ESRH0908292D)
  • Order of August 29, 2016 setting the amount of remuneration for contractual doctoral students under public law (NOR: MENH1619655A)
    L. 412-3 of the research code relating to private law doctoral contracts
  • Decree n° 2021-1233 of September 25, 2021 on the private law doctoral contract provided for by article L. 412-3 of the research code
  • Circular of October 20, 2006 on the reduction of gifts to doctoral and post-doctoral students
  • Foreign doctoral students and researchers hosted as part of a research stay (Article L434-1 of the Research Code)
  • Circular of May 4, 2022 on the implementation of the research stay as provided for in Article L. 434-1 of the Research Code (NOR: ESRS2207381C)


The framework of the Université Paris-Saclay

Université Paris-Saclay guides and procedures

A guide to the individual doctoral student monitoring committee for members of these committees to clearly explain what is expected of them, to remind them of the rules applying to the organisation and functioning of these committees, and to provide resources and answers to frequently asked questions.

(English version coming soon)

Training plans for PhD students: Objectives, expectations and validation of complementary doctoral training and activities. A document to understand the principles common to all doctoral schools.

(English version coming soon)

The Guide to the Doctoral Defense to assist doctoral students and their supervisors in the preparation of doctoral defenses

(English version coming soon)