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Information System

For a sharing of information and a smooth flow of information between the players

Missions of the axis

  1. Set up and maintenance of a common information system; training and support for users of the information system;
  2. Raising the awareness of the users to the quality of the data related to the quality approach;
  3. Interfacing with other systems (website, information systems of institutions, STAR & STEP);
  4. Support for the surveys related to the professionnal futures of doctors etc..;


(in the process of recruitment)

Coordinator of the axis "Information System"



Adum, information system for the doctoral college and the doctoral schools of Université Paris Saclay since September 2014, is a management and communication tool, a collaborative tool and an online community. It creates a network between all players of doctoral training.

What happens to the data that are entered in Adum?

The operating principles are:

  • Doctoral candidates post the data concerning them in Adum.
  • These data, after validation during the registration process, are then shared between relevant services and players.
  • Moreover, some data after approval and validation, are used and transferred to other information systems to promote the doctorate, disseminate theses, etc.
  • The operations are automated.

You will find below the main uses that are made of the data.

Manufacturing the doctorate award Printed on secure paper by Imprimerie nationale
Your diploma
Legal deposit of theses and online diffusion (national and international) Portal in french and in english
European portal Dart Europe
Surveys and key figures Mandatory surveys of national public statistics that allow annually establish the state of higher education
Key figures of the University Paris-Saclay, graduate schools and members institutions of Université Paris-Saclay
Surveys on the professionnal future of the doctors - Employment Survey
Preparation of the doctoral schools budget
Ongoing defences Announcements of ongoing defences of thesis for Université Paris-Saclay, for each doctoral school, for each member institution of Université Paris-Saclay.
Ongoing thesis Portal in french and in english
Automatic extractions for websites on the perimeters of université Paris-Saclay, for each doctoral school, for each member institution of Université Paris-Saclay, for each reserach unit...
Directory of Phd students and doctors Directory of the doctoral candidates of Université Paris Saclay
International cooperations Map of the international cotutella agreements
Individual monitoring of PhD students Digital archives of individual folders of doctoral candidates during their PhD
Automated Forms Edition, letters and e-mails, pre-filled from the data available in Adum
Sharing of information between the players of a doctoral education project
List of training modules received by the PhD student