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Powerful interactions/Intense collaboration between academia and industry


Université Paris-Saclay has long been a place where powerful interactions between academia and industry take place.

  • For instance, Thales Research and Technology carries out world-class research on spin electronics and quantum sensors and communications, in close cooperation with higher education institutions in the area. They work in mixed public and private teams, in a range of partnerships, they contribute to several European Flagships, including as coordinator.
  • ATOS recently created a corporate chair, led by Daniel Estève at CEA, and is now joining in the international efforts to develop a quantum computer. ATOS on quantum technologies
  • EDF Lab is developing quantum algorithms to address their own specific optimization issues and providing case studies to the quantum simulator being developed at the Institut d’Optique. EDF on quantum technologies
  • IBM France, involved on the Paris-Saclay territory, is supporting the identification of use cases and education programmes. IBM on quantum technologies
  • Air Liquide