Second edition of the EUGLOH Rush Pharmaceutical Game

EUGLOH Article published on February 23 2021 , Updated on February 23 2021

The second edition of the EUGLOH Rush Pharmaceutical Game brought together over 200 students of 30 nationalities from the 5 partner universities of the alliance (Lund University, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, University of Porto, University of Szeged).

In teams of 6, the students from the 5 universities and different fields (biotechnologies, medicine, marketing, economy, management...), participated in a serious game over 4 days online and in English around pharmaceutical marketing.

In the simulation tool, the students had to familiarise themselves with the initial market study, conceive drugs to target 4 segments in Europe and Asia, define a commercial strategy and ensure their profitability... then analyse the results. The teams competed over 7 rounds, in order to obtain the highest rate. Beyond online simulation, the teams also had to produce several deliverables: a business strategy, a letter to shareholders, and a 30-second advertisement on YouTube for their brand or their products. Over 400 documents were thus assessed by the 8 EUGLOH professors supervising the rush game. Students voted for the best advertisement themselves. 

During the rush game, the students were able to rely on the expertise of their professors: pharmaceutical marketing, communication, management, finance. As the rush was online, over 2,100 emails were exchanged and students communicated from Paris, Porto, Lund, Szeged and Munich. The event was the opportunity to raise awareness to intercultural issues, with the students producing a short video to present their own conception of culture. The best video was selected by the students themselves.

At the end of the rush game, the teams with the best economic performance and the best videos were rewarded. The team with the highest grade won a trip to Europe: each player will be able to stay at a partner university to present the rush game, thanks to the sponsoring of the Université Paris-Saclay HeaDS Graduate School


The next game is already being prepared for the 2021-2022 academic year.

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