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Preparing for the new academic year at Université Paris-Saclay

University Article published on 13 July 2022 , Updated on 18 July 2022

Are you joining Université Paris-Saclay soon? Welcome! If you have not yet discovered the potential of our campuses, you will find here several useful information to accompany you in your new university. More information will be presented to you at the beginning of the school year!

Université Paris-Saclay provides everyone with a digital environment and tools for studying and working: individual messaging, WiFi access available on all campuses, computer rooms with controlled access and free access, an online educational platform and many other digital services.

You must activate your IT account to make use of these services.

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Université Paris-Saclay provides you with a variety of services and documentation to welcome international students  under the best conditions.

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The university libraries are dedicated spaces to work in peace and quiet and to enhance your research skills. You have access to millions of documents and numerous services on site or online. Find the contact details, opening hours and attendance, as well as all the associated services (search for a document, borrow a document, book a document, etc.) on our website.

Libraries of Université Paris-Saclay

You can study one or more of the 14 foreign languages taught. Students gain access to an array of modules and resources to improve their language level in a context that promotes interculturality amongst peers.

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Over 80 sports activities are available to you. Team sports, combat sports, physical training, dance, aquatic sports, athletics, climbing... Find the calendar and registration details online.

A wide range of creative and cultural workshops are available. You can pursue them as bonus points or as course components.

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The staff of the Student health services are here to welcome students, listen to them and provide them with health information.  Advice, medical consultations, sessions with psychologists, dieticians, tobacco addiction specialists, etc. These consultations by appointment are free of charge. More information

In Paris-Saclay, there are over 40 university restaurants managed by the CROUS (Centres Régionaux des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires (Regional Centres for university and School Institutions)).  The university restaurants (Resto U) offer a full meal at very reasonable prices. Other catering services are also available. More information

Are you looking for accommodation? Several options are available to you! university residences, the Studapart platform, associations, private accommodation, accommodation grants, etc.
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Various grants and scholarships are available. Scholarships based on social criteria, grants for the purchase of a laptop or a tablet, the loan of a laptop, ASIU (individual social assistance from the university), accommodation grants, international travel grants.

The « All my helpers » scheme Partner platform at the University which offers more than 1,200 aids according to your profile:
You can also use the CROUS social assistance service for assistance with your applications.

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With over 600 student associations, Université Paris-Saclay offers a rich and vibrant club and society experience.  

List of student associations on our website

The interactive student guide

How is Université Paris-Saclay organised? What courses are offered? What do I have access to? How does the university prepare me for my future? Where can I stay, play sports, eat... ?