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The Nuclear Physics Institute (IPN) listed as an EPS historic site

Research Article published on 20 October 2023 , Updated on 03 November 2023

The Orsay Nuclear Physics Institute (IPN) has received the honour of being included in the European Physical Society (EPS)’s list of historical sites.

A ceremony was held on 13 October at the Laboratory of the Physics of the two Infinities Irène Joliot-Curie (IJCLab - Univ. Paris-Saclay/CNRS/Univ. Paris Cité) to celebrate the occasion. The event began with a conference on the history of the IPN, from its beginnings to the current day, and was followed by the unveiling of a commemorative plaque.

The Institute and its community also had the pleasure of welcoming Hélène Joliot-Langevin, the daughter of Irène et Fréderic Joliot-Curie, Joel Pouthas, Physics historian and former Head of the IPN’s R&D department, Sydney Gales, former Head of the IPN, and Silvia Leoni, a representative of the Instituto nazionale di fisica nucleare (INFN).

More information on the event