Health experts from Université Paris-Saclay and Zhejiang University participate in a joint webinar on efficient crisis-management practices

International Article published on April 27 2020 , Updated on April 28 2020

On April 23, medical experts from the ZJU School of Medicine 2nd Affiliated Hospital (SAHZU) and School of Public Health shared with their French colleagues their experience and practices in controlling and preventing the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2-hour webinar enabled the French participants to learn more about the Chinese hospital’s strategy to treat patients, protect health workers as well as the province’s population, which was severely affected by the virus. The webinar brought together specialists in a wide array of disciplines bringing together immunologists, virologists, geneticists, neurologists, paediatricians, general practitioners and experts in public health.

Université Paris-Saclay was represented by 14 practitioners and researchers in medicine working within the hospitals and departments of Pharmacy and Medicine affiliated to Université Paris-Saclay (Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine of Université Paris-Saclay, Simone Veil Faculty of Medicine of UVSQ, Antoine Béclère Hospital in Clamart, Raymond-Poincaré Hospital in Garches, Poissy/Saint Germain-en-Laye Hospital and Ambroise Paré Hospital).

The fellows will continue to share their observations in the months to come. Common research initiatives related to the study of the virus and the consequences the infection causes to different systems of the human body (neurology, etc) are being discussed.