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EUGLOH: Université Paris-Saclay strengthens its European university partnerships

International-Europe Article published on 20 November 2023 , Updated on 17 January 2024

As a member of the European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) since 2019, Université Paris-Saclay is strongly committed to the values of sharing and working together across Europe. With this in mind, the University’s Vice-Presidents for International Relations recently visited two of its European partners: the University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and the University of Porto (Portugal), as part of a drive to strengthen existing ties and identify potential opportunities for new collaborations.

Visit to the University of Novi Sad, Serbia

As part of a series of visits to the new members of the EUGLOH alliance, Prof Sandrine Lacombe, Vice-President for International and European Relations at Université Paris-Saclay and coordinator of the EUGLOH European Alliance, travelled to the University of Novi Sad from 31 October to 2 November 2023. The trip’s objective was twofold: promote and consolidate the integration of new members to the EUGLOH alliance and identify potential collaboration opportunities between the two universities.

The trip’s busy agenda gave Sandrine Lacombe the chance to meet with several strategic partners, including the Rector of the University of Novi Sad, Prof Dejan Madić, and his team, the Vice-Rector for International Relations and EUGLOH local coordinator, Prof Sabina Halupka Rešetar, as well as the Vice-Rector for Education and Student Life, Prof Đorđe Herceg.

The Vice-President for International Relations at Université Paris-Saclay also met with academics, and staff and students involved in EUGLOH activities at the university. A visit to the Science and Technology Park in Novi Sad also provided the opportunity to make new contacts and present the EUGLOH alliance to the local scientific and academic community.

A professor of Chemistry, Prof Sandrine Lacombe also gave a conference on “Future perspectives for nanoparticles and radiotherapy” to local students, demonstrating what the European university alliance can offer them, both in terms of education and European mobility opportunities.

EUGLOH conference at the University of Porto, Portugal: sharing and collaboration in European research

From 25 to 27 October, EUGLOH organised a three-day research conference in Porto, Portugal, as part of its Research and Innovation (RIA) programme. Delegations from alliance members, local authorities and innovation centres came together to discuss two major topics: the sharing of research infrastructure and the joint actions needed to reinforce training in entrepreneurship and public/private R&I partnerships on a European scale.

Eric Cassan, Deputy Vice-President for European Affairs at Université Paris-Saclay, travelled to the University of Porto to give a conference on the “Global Positioning of EUGLOHRIA” – a project which aims to expand the scope of EUGLOH’s actions by integrating research and innovation into the European Higher Education Area.

Of the twenty research projects financed by a seed fund from the EUGLOH alliance launched in 2023, a dozen were presented during the conference by academics from Université Paris-Saclay. 80% of the projects were based on shared access to research platforms and infrastructure between European partners. This initiative is currently supported by Université Paris-Saclay via calls for start-up projects, open to all communities, and shared by the university’s Graduate Schools.




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