EUGLOH Alliance sparks interest among high-school students

International Article published on March 19 2020 , Updated on April 02 2020

Within the framework of a partnership with the Europe House of the Yvelines department, a student of Université Paris-Saclay shared her enthusiasm about the EUGLOH Alliance with the students of the Jeanne d’Albret high-school

On February 7, 2020, Keltoum Merroune, a student from the faculty of Pharmacy, and Christine Colleville, an administrative coordinator from the Europe House of the Yvelines department, an associated partner of EUGLOH located South-West of Paris, presented the EUGLOH Alliance (European University for Global Health) to a group of students at the Jeanne d’Albret high-school in Saint-Germain-en-Laye

They were able to discover the various opportunities offered to them as a part of mobility actions within the Alliance. Keltoum Merroune specifically insisted on the multidisciplinary nature of the subjects available within EUGLOH

They were also extremely interested by the possibility to receive an international degree and learn different European languages. One of the students said: “It would be really interesting to have an international profile. At a personal level, for the culture, and on a professional level as well”. Another student added: “It seems like an incredible opportunity for the future. I would love to discover the countries of the EU”. Such subjects as pharmacy, environment, climate, biodiversity, sport, nutrition, and law, which are closely linked to the current objectives of EUGLOH, sparked curiosity among the young listeners.This meeting between university representatives and the students of the high-school confirms that the direction taken by the Alliance corresponds to the expectations of future generations who are willing to take advantage of transnational education in line with the challenges that face society, especially as regards climate change, well-being and diversity.

For further information, check the website of the Europe House of the Yvelines department, associated partner of EUGLOH